Friday, February 7, 2020

The Heartless and A #Giveaway

Author David Putnam has a new book out and his partner-in-crime and wife, Mary, has been making drinks to celebrate. The book is called, The Heartless, and we're giving away FIVE copies of the book to the first five people who comment (US residents only). Let's see what Mary has been cooking up to celebrate David's book...

David often gets questions about his main character, Bruno Johnson. As the series began to unfold, I too, asked questions about a character who appeared in, THE DISPOSABLES. His name is Junior, and is the inspiration for this drink.

But before we get to Junior, a note about the name, “Bruno Johnson.”  Bruno's an amalgamation of several people David worked with in real life, combined with some elements from his imagination. The name was taken directly from a male but he was a dog, a scrappy wired-haired terrier that belonged to David's childhood friend, Bill.

Earlier this year, our two rescue dogs were joined by a puppy a friend gave us. All the dogs we’ve had in our 25 years together came with names from previous owners or shelters, so our “rookie pup” -- a Queensland heeler -- was the first dog we’ve ever named. A tough (and scrappy) lovable little guy who reminded us of Bruno in the book. So now that name has come full circle.

Meanwhile, the big dog in David’s first Bruno book, named Junior, went missing in the story for awhile. I kept pestering David (so did some other fans): “What ever happened to Junior?” Dave finally gives us some answers. In the new book, THE HEARTLESS (release date: Feb 2020), we learn how Junior originally came into their lives and how he got the name “Junior” – short for Junior Mint. 


And if you want a boffo glass to serve it in, check out these super easy instructions to make fabulous bullet hole drink ware. And of course Mary made that too! 

Here's the recipe for the drink...

The Junior Mint

Ingredients (for one 1.5 oz shot)
1/2 oz. Irish Cream
1/2 oz. Frangelico
1/2 oz. Peppermint Schnapps 
Optional: Whipped Cream, Chocolate sauce, Junior Mints!

Chill glass, decorate with chocolate sauce. Mix booze, top w/whip cream (regular or chocolate) and a junior mint!

 Don't forget to comment below because the first five people to comment will win a book from David. We'll need your email address as well so we can get your address. 


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  3. Both the book and the drink - sound wonderful. I love anything mint - sign me up.

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  5. Intriguing! Best of luck (and thanks for the drink)