Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fontaine House & Ellery Queen

Artwork by Allen Davis

My friend, Terrie Farley Moran, who has been reading Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine forever, has a short story published in this month's issue - her first ever in her favorite magazine. It's called Fontaine House and I had the privilege of reading this fabulous story prior to publication.

Set along Florida's Caloosahatchee River (see map below), Fontaine House follows the misadventures of a wealthy cajun family. I can't tell you anything more. You simply must run to the book store now and get a copy, or download it from your favorite digital purveyor. You can read how she feels about it here.

Once you get your fill of Fontaine House, check out Terrie's book of short stories, called THE AWARENESS and Other Deadly Tales. Terrie blogs over at Women of Mystery and Criminal Element.

I took the photo below the same day I read her story. Being from California, I don't see this type of sign often and it amused me.


  1. Hi Deb, thanks so much for this wonderful post and the super-awesome map. I remember and how addicted you were to your "alligator search" in Florida. Hugs Terrie

  2. Alligators can be addicting...

    Congratulations on a wonderful story!

  3. Alligators creep me out. I need to go get this short story now. Congrats Terrie!