Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Return of Once Upon a Time

This is probably my favorite show on television right now. It's fun to figure out which fairy tale is featured that week and guess who everyone is. I like the drama between good and evil and good that's sometimes less than good, and evil that's sometimes almost less than evil.

If you watched the season finale you know that the Storybrooke curse has been broken and that magic is coming to town in the form of a big purple hurricane. I'm not sure what it all means, but both Regina and Gold/Stiltskin are so happy about it. As a general rule, if both Gold and Regina are on board, it's not good for the citizens of Storybrooke, Maine.  It might be good for us though if it delivers good storytelling.

They've got a great line up of guests this season and characters featured will include Captain Hook (one of my personal favorites), a giant played by LOST/ALCATRAZ star, Jorge Garcia, Sleeping Beauty and more.

Once returns to ABC on Sunday, September 30th and in the meantime I've got few questions I hope to get answered this season.

1) Why does Beauty love Rumplestiltskin?

Beauty loved the Beast in the Disney movie because ultimately he had a good heart. How does Rumple have a good heart? He only helps people if it helps his own nefarious ends (sending Emma after Malificent to get the sword for example). Sure Rumple wear trying to protect his son, but was there really no other way? It seems like Rumple wanted the power. Even after their big falling in love episode, I don't understand this relationship. Beauty is back this season so maybe they can convince me.

2) Is Sheriff Graham back?
There are photos of him on the Once Facebook page and rumors are flying all over the Internet. If the curse is broken does it un-squeeze his heart and bring him back to life?

3) Who is Dr. Whale?
With a name like whale, he might have something to do with the Pinocchio storyline, but there are rumors on the Internet that he is Rumple's son. Rumple's son does have to show up sometime.

Every time I look at Dr. Whale, I think of Julian Sark from Alias. Maybe Sydney Bristow can come out of retirement and help Emma fight against magic.
4) If the curse is broken, can people leave? Can they go back to their fairytale lives somehow?

It seems that everyone who tries to leave with the exception of Emma, and possibly Pinocchio, can't make it across the Storybrooke border into "real" Maine. If the curse is broken, can people leave or does magic make them stay? Is there a magical way to get back to their fairy tail lives and homes? Does that now become the end game since they know who they are? I guess we'll have to wait until September 30th to find out.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this show and am so excited it's Fall and there are new episodes.

  2. I love this show too. I just bought season one to savor again.