Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gators in the Bayou

Once of the most excellent things you can do while visiting New Orleans is go on a Bayou tour in an air boat. My first experience with air boats was as a child watching re-runs of Gentle Ben. I didn't really care what happened on the episode as long as at some point they got on the air boat. 

And now I know why. If you sit at the front of the boat, it makes you feel like you are gliding on the water without a boat. 

The moss and the water and the sky, it's all beautiful. And finding alligators is fun too. 

Someone is playing hide and seek

This guy might be looking for Hook.

The guide told us that the crew from the TV show, 48 Hours, had just filmed from his boat a few weeks before. They were filing an episode about a man who murdered his wife and dumped her in the bayou. He would have gotten away with the murder except he was arrested and convicted of a lesser crime. Then he bragged to his cell mate that he had gotten away with murder and told the guy how. His cell mate traded the information for amenities and more recreation time. Just goes to show you can't trust anyone in prison these days...

We weren't kidding about the moss.

Tic tock


  1. I'll take the boat ride but I can do without the creepy gators. I like all of my limbs!

  2. Replies
    1. Great picture of one of natures creatures, quite handsome fella.
      Perfect crime, except for folks desiring their "creature" comforts who will squeal to get them!