Saturday, March 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time: One Will Die

ABC has posted an extended preview of the next episode of Once Upon A Time, entitled, The Miller's Daughter - about the first 8 minutes or so -- one their website. It gives you a glimpse into Cora's history, tells us that Rumple is in really tough shape and that there may be a fissure between Cora and Regina, just as Snow had hoped last week. 

ABC has promised through a social media campaign that #OneWillDie and while I'm hoping that it's Cora, that would leave us without a major villain, since Hook is really minor league comparatively (and we visit Neverland later this season) and Rumple seems to be tamed lately - perhaps he's just lulling us into a false sense of security. There are also Internet rumors about a surprise couple getting together. I've always thought that Charming and Red had some tremendous chemistry, but I think the show backlash of killing Snow would be too great. Plus I would miss her. The death has to be Cora or Rumple and my money is on Cora. 

Below is the shorter preview, for the extended preview, you need to go to the ABC website. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode. Are you? 

For more on The Miller's Daughter after it aired click here

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