Sunday, March 3, 2013

Once Upon A Time: The Queen is Dead

In this episode, The Queen is dead, we saw:

1)  A return to the distant land of Backstory where learn more about Snow White's childhood and see how her mother died (poisoned by Cora) as part of a multi-prong, and rather complicated strategy to get Regina her original crown.

2) Charming and Snow get to the dagger before Regina and Cora, but we all knew that as soon as they found it the Evil Queens would show up.  Honestly kids, I know you were trying to help, but Regina and Cora may never have found the dagger in Rumple's hiding place. It was a good hiding place. 

3) Hook get nasty, first by clocking David rather soundly while stealing his hook back and then when he poisons Rumple in the lobby of Neal's apartment. Our dear Hook also managed to sail his pirate ship from Maine to Manhattan using some Romulan cloaking device. But now he's locked in the basement of Neal's apartment. Hook out to get really nasty after that experience. 

4) Cora got even nastier, killing poor Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey even after Snow handed over the dagger that could make Cora, "The Dark One." But really, isn't Cora dark enough?  She already vowed to turn Snow's soul dark at her mother's death bed apparently because she's bitter over being the miller's daughter, when Eva's blood ran royal. Since next week's episode is called The Miller's Daughter, I think we'll learn more about Cora's bitterness. (one side note: since Mrs. Patmore died on Once it means she can return to Downton alive...phew. They really can't lose anyone else.)

Right Regina, where would Snow get the idea to call you the Evil Queen, just because you rip a few hearts out? So unreasonable. 

5) Snow and Regina both struggling with choosing good and evil, as they try to care for their families. And even Snow is thinking a little evil might be useful if Cora becomes The Dark One. 

5) Rumple start to trust Neal and Emma to save him, while threatening poor little Henry and blaming him for the poisoning in the same tiny Manhattan apartment. Rumple dear, Hook poisoned you, not Henry. And when that fortune teller said the boy would destroy you, maybe she meant 'The Dark One' and not the human Rumplestiltskin that you once were before Baelfire left you. 

6) Neal knows how to sail Hook's ship ... and he's engaged. Neal says Manhattan wasn't his first stop after he left home. Early signs say that Baelfire is also Peter Pan, which would make his fiancĂ©, Nora, in all probability, Tigerlily.  Emma seems bummed about the engagement, and I was too. 

What don't we we know:
- Nothing on the mere mortal who caused the car crash or Belle
- We still don't know what our favorite license plate means: 2KFL138
- How the bean stalk growing is progressing

Until next Sunday, we when learn more about Cora got to be so bad. 

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