Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Daniel Palmer's new thriller, STOLEN, arrived today all wrapped up in foil just like Space Ice Cream* (see pictorial comparison above). 

It's an advance reader copy, and you can get your own when it comes out on April 30th. The publisher only sent me one copy, so I'm keeping the book.  

Already my friend Kim and me have been discussing the life changing and heartbreaking choice one of the characters has to make in the beginning of the story. I can't imagine what it would be like to make such a choice. 

Here's the summary for STOLEN:
"STOLEN explores the consequences of a single decision -- one that causes the lives of a loving couple to spiral out of control beyond their wildest imaginings, and the lengths some will go to save a life...or destroy one."

More on STOLEN and Daniel Palmer in the weeks to come. 

*Space Ice Cream is freeze dried ice cream that the astronauts eat in space.  

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  1. The book is fabulous so far. I also recommend his two earlier works, Delirious & Helpless!