Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OZ: The Great and Powerful Debuts on Friday

Continuing the de-constructed fairy-tale trend of late, OZ: The Great and Powerful, opens this Friday.  This movie tells the story of the Wizard, a guy named Oscar played by James Franco, when he first gets to Oz

The pictures and the costumes just look beautiful. 

According to the current issue of Disney Twenty-Three magazine (part of their D23 club), the costume designers had to make more than 2,000 costumes for the movie, including 1,500 hats. The time period of the movie was targeted between 1890 - 1920, so they scoured for vintage pieces - real and costume - to help make the looks. In many scenes the characters costumes reflect their surroundings, although OZ himself pretty much wears the same outfit throughout the movie. 

The magazine issue has multiple articles about how the movie was made, the story and the costumes. If you love OZ, you may want to pick up an issue. 

Here's the movie trailer:


  1. Wow, this looks very cool. I am going to have to go see it now! Thanks. I love Franco too.

  2. It does look so cool. And the moving photo above is cool too. Thank you for your comment.