Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Game of Clue and Psych

Tonight the TV show Psych is doing a take off of Clue, the movie which is of course, based on the game. Do you remember the movie? 

In came out in the mid-90s and starred Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Martin Mull, Lesley Anne Warren, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Mckean, Madeline Kahn, Coleen Camp and Lee Ving.  Big cast.

One of the best parts was that this movie had three different endings that were shown in different theaters. Psych plans to have three different endings tonight and there will be a live vote and the end to pick the best one.  I thought it was worth a heads up.

Now for a little more on the history of the board game...

Clue, originally called Cluedo, was invented in England in 1944 when World War II was in full force by a man named Anthony Ernest Pratt, a solicitor's clerk. He invented it to entertain his friends and family in-between german bombing soirees.

Although the game was invented in 1944, they parent company couldn't get the right parts to issue it broadly until 1949 because of war shortages. So the game of Clue also did it's part for WWII. 


Clue as we Americans know it, is called different names in different countries: Cluedo in England & Australia; Detective in Brazil, and Mystery Game in Japan.

Original Weaponry

The original weapons included in the game were the axe, shillelagh, bomb, rope, pistol, hypodermic syringe, poison and the poker. I can't even remember the last time I threatened someone with a shillelagh, but a girl has to have aspirational goals, so shillelagh it is. 

Other Random Clue Stuff 

  • There are 324 possible solutions for the game. 
  • If you run out of the special Clue tracking paper, you can order more
  • There's even a Clue mobile phone app. 

While you're watching tonights episode you might want to try one of Cathy Zhu Chen's fabulous cocktails created for each of the Clue characters that can be found right here on Criminal Element.  

It doesn't get any more fabulous than that. 

p.s. - A Big Thank You to Kerry Hammond for bringing this to my attention.


  1. I loved the Clue movie and love the game even more. I own over 10 different version of it!

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