Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crime and Poetry

April is National Poetry Month as we are celebrating by participating in The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly blog tour. The 5-2 publishes a poem about crime every Monday and here is one of my favorites...

Santa Ana winds
Itchy heat swirls through L.A.
Husbands, watch your necks

I love this poem because I grew up in Southern California with the Santa Ana winds, and these few words takes me back there and that weather so quickly. Itchy heat is a perfect description for these winds that look cold but blow hot, swirling around leaves, dust and in some cases branches, all over. 

The worst is when a forest fire starts when the Santa Anas are blowing. The winds change directions without warning, making fighting them incredibly difficult and even more dangerous than usual.  

As far as the last line of the poem, to be fair, I do think it could easily be 'Wives, watch your necks'. Or maybe even 'Anyone, watch your necks.' But that's just me.

You can check out other stops on the month-long Crime Poetry blog tour here. And don't forget to check out The 5-2 for all your unexpected crime poetry needs...or perhaps even your expected crime poetry needs.

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