Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Bletchley Circle

Starting tonight, PBS stations around the country will start airing the three-part mini-series, the Bletchley Circle, a story about "four seemingly ordinary women who become unlikely investigators of a strong of grisly murders in post-war London."

What makes this story sound so interesting is that these characters served as code breakers during the war at HQ Bletchley Park, the British National Code Center.  According to the backstory, their code breaking work helped shorten the war for the Allies, which was true for the real people who worked at Bletchley.

The real Bletchley Park National Code Center is located fifty miles north of London. Code breaker fans  who aren't traveling to London soon will want to check out the website, which is filled with code breaking information treasure.

The preview for The Bletchley Circle is above. Even with all of the Sunday night competition, I plan to watch.

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