Monday, April 22, 2013

Hollywood Speakeasy: The Roger Room

This year, Mystery Playground is visiting speakeasies all over the country to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition this year. Our latest sojourn took us to The Roger Room in West Hollywood, California. My friends, Paula of Henry Road fame and Elizabeth, graciously accompanied me. 

The Roger Room is a great little hideaway tucked behind the facade of a psychic shop near the Beverly Center, and we saw no palm readers once inside. Their motto is, "The Best of Everything and Nothing but the Best," and we found that to be true. 

The menu featured some great drinks with fun names...

Death in the Afternoon

- Pernod Absinthe and Champagne (you have to love licorice to like this one.)

Flim Flam

- Bombay Dry Gin, Cynar Artichoke Liqueur, Luxardo Maraschino, Sambuca Molinari rinse, up

but our favorite was the...

Four Aces

- Svedka Vodka, Basil, Green Grapes, Lime Juice, Canton Ginger Liqueur, rocks

All the drinks were handmade, with fresh ingredients. 


The Roger Room does not serve food. There is a nice handmade chili/burger place about a half a block away that we loved. It's called The Addiction Bistro.

The Roger Room is located at 370 La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA about a block or two away from the Beverly Center.   There are no signs that say The Roger Room, since the facade is dressed up to be that of a fancy psychic. 

There is limited street parking available and there are a few nearby garages. 

What Are Speakeasies?

Speakeasies were essentially secret bars that sprang up when the United States outlawed alcohol in 1919. 

Most speakeasies were housed in unmarked locations, many required a password to get in and some may have even moved from place to place to stay ahead of the law. Many think the name came from patrons being told to "speakeasy" or to lower their voices so no one suspected they were serving alcohol. 

Today, there are many modern speakeasies that retain some of these traditions. Usually they feature fresh ingredients in their food and drink, and though the secrecy is no longer needed, many are in discreet locations that lack signage. Some even require passwords.

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