Monday, May 13, 2013

Creating the Evil Queen

I had the opportunity to visit the Snow White exhibit at the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco before it close and took pictures of some of the fabulous art work. You can see how much work goes into creating an icon.  

In the photo above you can see various studies of Evil Queen before the visage that we are familiar with was settled upon. Below we see the witch as she appears to Snow White to offer her the apple. 

This before (above) and after (below) artwork shows how much work went into getting the details, like the witches hands as she turns from the beautiful Evil Queen unto the crone.

There's the Queen we know and love. 


  1. These are awesome. I can't imagine how much they're worth. It would be so cool to have one hanging in my house!

  2. It would be fun to have one in the house.