Friday, May 17, 2013

Major Crimes, King & Maxwell and Motive

The networks regular season might be over but The Closer spin-off, Major Crimes returns to TNT on June 10th for it's second season and two new mystery shows: King & Maxwell (TNT) and Motive (ABC) debut soon

Here's the rundown in chronological order: 


Motive starts on ABC, Thursday, May 23rd at 9:00 pm. With every flavor of crime show out there, Motive is focusing on the motive for murders.  "Forget about who, we focus on why." 

Here's the promo:


Major Crimes returns on June 10th at 9:00 pm and here's the promo:


Following the first episode of Major Crimes on TNT at 10:00 pm, King & Maxwell premieres, staring Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney (Fritz from The Closer and Major Crimes). Tenney and Romjin play Sean King and Michelle Maxwell characters based on the books of David Baldacci.  Here's how Baldacci describes his series:

"Sean King is a former Secret Service agent who allowed his attention to wander for a split second, an error that resulted in the death of the presidential candidate he had been protecting. Michelle Maxwell is a former Secret Service agent who “lost” the politician she was supposed to protect when the politician vanished behind closed doors while comforting a grieving widow. Their destinies converge when Michelle becomes obsessed with Sean’s case, and when Sean needs the help of a new friend to solve crimes that implicate him as the culprit. Professional pride, romantic tension, and common causes bring together King and Maxwell as a crime-solving dynamic duo."
What do you think? Is the room for all three shows? 

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