Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Like many Game of Throne fans, I am still recovering from last week's episode. Although it was titled, The Rains of Castlemere, it was really all about the Red Wedding.  (There's a great interview with GOT book author, George R.R. Martin, about the Red Wedding here.)

I softened the blow for our viewing party a bit by serving these fabulous drinks, which we called Daenery's Dragon Fruit Lemonade. 

Here's the recipe by the glass:

- muddled fresh blackberries 
- Dragon Fruit Rum (from Bacardi)
- Lemonade of your choice

We put in about a half a shot of Dragon Fruit Rum and then almost filled the glass with lemonade and then added the blackberries. It was delicious. It would also be delicious without the alcohol.

All summer long, Mystery Playground is matching books with drinks. You can see more book/drink match ups here.


  1. This sounds totally delicious. I need to try it this weekend.

  2. It's really good with just the lemonade and the blackberry too.

  3. I really wish I lived close enough to you to have drinks at your house. You guys sound like you have SUCH fun.