Friday, July 5, 2013

Cara Black and Kir Royale

You can see the cassis being added to the champagne

Every Friday throughout the summer Mystery Playground is featuring book recommendations and matching drinks. 

Today's feature comes from me and it's Cara Black's Murder Below Montparnasse and Kir Royale. I love Cara's books because I get to go to Paris in my head without the hassle or the cost of international travel, any time I want. Such a bonus. 

In Murder Below Montparnasse private investigator Aimee Leduc loses her best friend, searches for a long-lost Modigliani portrait and runs straight into complications from an 80-year old Soviet secret. What better to drink with that than a Kir Royale. 

Kir Royale

Creme de Casis (blackberry liqueur from France)

Pour chilled champagne into a glass leaving some room at the top.  Then add a dollup Creme de Cassis. There you go. Time to enjoy. 

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  1. I love the settings in Cara's books. She makes you feel like you're really there. At Bouchercon 2012 she gave a hard covered copy of her latest book to every attendee. That's over 1,500 books. It was awesome.