Monday, August 12, 2013

Major Crimes Writing Team Takes Over Facebook Chat

This week on the Major Crimes Facebook chat, show creator James Duff was joined by the writing team including: Adam Belanoff, Michael Alaimo, Jim Leonard, Ralph Gifford, Duppy Demetrius, Carson Moore and retired Detective Mike Berchem. 

Either this chat was a little slower, or I am getting faster because I was able to match quite a few questions with answers this week. 

What did we learn?

1) Next week is the summer finale and the show will come back for eight more episodes in the winter.

2) The writers aren’t ruling out a Sharon/Andy romance even though it would be complicated. Do we call that Flaydor? Or Rynn?

3)  Provenza is not going to retire any time soon.

Here’s the rundown (James Duff answers are preceded by his name. Questioner’s names were shortened so their Facebook IDs wouldn’t appear here.) Previous week's recaps can be found here.)

James Duff Hello all from the Writers Room at Major Crimes! We are also joined Adam Belanoff, who wrote tonight's episode!

DeborahL: How do you decide which ideas to turn into episodes?

James Duff @Deborah L: Carson Moore says we try to find the story that creates the most drama for our characters - one that gives them an emotional journey.

Bev: Excellent! Thank you writers, cast and crew for such a fine program!!! Are we set to know there will be a season 3?

James Duff @Bev: We all hope so! We're as excited about the next season as you are. We have plenty more ideas.

Linda: When will Rusty have to testify? Im looking forward to that show.

James Duff @Linda: Duppy Demetrius says he is a material witness in a murder trial - but there are several different outcomes for someone in his position...

Kelley: I also want to know about Rusty! Will he be alright? Will he still be able to stay with Sharon? When will she find out about the multiple threats? Love this show!

James Duff @Kelly: Michael Alaimo says you'll have to stay tuned to find out what happens with all those letters... He refuses to give it all away!

Meredith: Are you havin fun writing how Rusty is building relationships with the rest of major crimes? I'm so happy he's part of it!!!

James Duff @Meredith: Ralph Gifford says it's nice to have a kid's voice on the show. And his relationship with Sharon is fun to explore.

Jill: You seem to have a never ending supply of great talent! Last week we got to see some Hollywood legends; can we look forward to some more great guest appearances, and can you give some hints as to who might be appearing on Major Crimes?

James Duff @Jill: Jim Leonard says we have a very strong guest star coming in next week. You'll be hearing his name soon.

Michelle: How do the writers come up with the storylines? Are most from real life?

James Duff @Michelle E: Det. Mike Berchem says about 50% of the stories are based somewhat in his experience, although we alter them to relate them to our characters.

Noel: Yeah why do u guys keep switching the DAs?

James Duff @Noel: Duppy says there quite a few Deputy DAs in the DA's office. Not a single one of them could handle all of our cases.

Bonnie: I like how Andy and Sharon went as "friends" to his daughter's wedding. Any chance they will become more than friends in the upcoming season?

James Duff @Bonnie: The writers room says there's always a chance...

Stacey: Det. Berchem ... how did you become associated with the show???

James Duff @Stacey: Mike Berchem started 9 years ago, when our producers went down to the LAPD to ask for some expertise. Mike happened to be the person on hand. Now he writes episodes every season!

Rachel:  I saw the glasses thing coming a mile away. Why isn't he wearing them this week?

James Duff @Rachel: The writers say you have better vision than Provenza! He's not wearing them this week because he's not at the shooting range. And the glasses have been returned to evidence.

Amy Jo:  Provenza is my favorite character. He's not leaving any time soon, right?

James Duff @Amy Jo: Michael Alaimo says he'll be sticking around as long as possible, because when he retires, he has to split his pension with his wife. Also, we can never have enough of G.W. Bailey!

Answers without the questions: 

James Duff @Gracie: Jim Leonard says Rusty's story will be accelerating as Stroh's trial draws nearer.

James Duff @Marla: Carson Moore points out that, with all the threats against him, Rusty's life is pretty unpredictable.

James Duff @Amber G: Duppy says, on average, we've all been here for about 7 years. Some say it's been too long, some say it's flown by!

James Duff Adam Belanoff wants to hand some credit to Sheelin Choksey, who directed this episode! It's one of the best!

James Duff @Donan: Michael Alaimo says it looks like he could be heading that way, but it can be dangerous to mix personal and professional lives.

James Duff @Jan: Next week's episode will be our summer finale. Eight more coming in the winter!

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