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Major Crimes Summer Finale Chat with James Duff, Jonathan Del Arco and Phillip Keene

For the Major Crimes summer finale, show-creator James Duff held a Facebook chat and the recap is below. This week he was joined by Jonathan Del Arco who plays Dr. Morales and Phillip Keene who plays Buzz. Both actors are fan favorites. Jonathan Del Arco may be remembered by Star Trek fans as the Borg formerly known as Third of Five, who became "Hugh" in The Next Generation. 

Major Crimes will return November 25th to start a run of eight new shows. 

What are the top three things I learned:

1) Jonathan Del Arco (Dr. Morales) thinks he looks like Mickey Mouse in this episode...

2) The biggest challenge in the series is getting the details - medical, legal and technical stuff right.

3) Major Crimes has been renewed for a third season (Ok, maybe we didn't learn that here, we heard that last Friday). 

The chat recap is below. Unlike last week, I was only able to match one question and answer, so the majority below are just the answers. There were more than 100 questions before answers started posting. James Duff does a good job of including the question in his answers so it's understandable... 

Tyler H. Love the show, it's hilarious too! Do you guys ever have to stop to laugh?

James Duff Both Phillip and Jonathan are both stopping and laughing a lot. Especially when the dead bodies talk or start snoring in the morgue

James Duff @Audrey, we make up the gross storylines by asking ourselves what horrifies us and then making it worse.

James Duff Also, reality is worse than anything we do on television.

James Duff @Jonathan del Arco thinks he looks like Micky Mouse in this ep

James Duff @Nettie, the biggest challenge about filming this series is getting all the legal, medical and technical stuff right

James Duff @Jennifer B., and for everyone else asking questions about whether or not Rusty will get to stay with Sharon, I can't say...

James Duff @Brenda C., we don't see Rusty go out and od things like a normal teenager because he's a material witness in a murder trial, and he's had threats against him. He can't go anywhere without a police escort.

James Duff Not all eps will be dark.

James Duff @Kelly. this is a darker ep than we usually do. But we have to keep changing the tone. One of the mysteries we like to tell each week is HOW the story unreels.

James Duff @Shelby, some of the things to look forward to this winter according to Phillip and Jonathan are dead bodies, murder, scary Russian kids, murder in an RV and a great big New Year's celebration.

James Duff One of my favorite lines in the winter series is when Dr. Morales looks out of the morgue at Sharon, Sykes and Emma and asks, "What is this? Charlie's Angels?"

James Duff @Gracie, Phillp says his favorite part of being involved with Rusty, besides having more lines, is getting to show the more sensitives side of Buzz. Plus he loves to work with Graham.

James Duff @Gracie, Jonathan says he's willing to go deeper into the Doctor's personal life. But we will be seeing him in a different state come episode two of our winter series.

James Duff @Cathy, it is kind of creepy seeing the killer as he goes along, but now and then we have to break point of view to show this side of things.

James Duff @Vanessa, the bodies do effect Phillip and Jonathan both. Phillip always leaves thinking about how horrible murder is and Jonathan has nightmares. Also, Phillip sometimes looks around and thinks, "Hey, that's a good place to hide a body."

James Duff @ROJELIA, as to whether Rusty is gay or confused, I will only say he is seventeen. And that seventeen-year-old boys are usually still sorting out who they are.

James Duff @Fred, the piano music is Fur Elise, by Beethoven.

James Duff The actor playing the villain is pretty new to television but his name is Chris Wood. Get used to seeing his face. He's going to be around a while.

James Duff @Carrie, we picked Akron, Ohio for the hometown of the killer because we couldn't clear the name in Dayton.

James Duff @CJ, Phillip believes he thinks much more like a cop than he did before he started doing the show and Jonathan thinks he sometimes can see the killer's pov better than he used to. Doesn't mean he agrees with it!

James Duff @Kelly T, there were a lot of reasons why Rusty broke up with Kris, and I would hate to point to any one as the answer because I don't want to shorten his story either way.

If you want more, see what James Duff had to say in this post for TV Guide

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