Friday, August 16, 2013

The Wave: In Pursuit of Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean with Cocktails

Today's summer reads with drinks guest post is from Kendra Kelly. This is the first time we've featured a blue drink. Can't wait to try this one. 

I love the ocean.   Sitting on a beach at sunset watching the waves crash onto shore as boats bob in the distance is always happy time for me.  Soaking up the heat on golden sand, jumping up once in awhile to splash my toes along the shoreline to cool off.  Yet as enamored as I am with experiences near the ocean, I am somewhat terrified of actually going into the water.  

I go on boats.  Occasionally I even snorkel.  But those excursions are usually fraught with anxiety about what lurks beneath – as others rush towards a school of fish, I slowly paddle away and watch from afar.  On a recent trip to the coast, I hung back at the cabin while the others scampered down to the beach with their surfboards.  I marvel at the balance, finesse & instincts that good surfers have – watching them glide through a perfect wave is a sight I can watch over & over, knowing I’ll never have the desire or skill to accomplish such a feat.   Have you ever watch Laird Hamilton tackling Teahupoo?  To think that people like Laird seek these giants out to play in led me to The Wave by Susan Casey.
Throughout  this book Casey follows both surfers and scientists as they try to understand the power of these waves, either to tackle them for sport or to dissect their destructive nature on seaside towns.  Knowing that I’ll never be a surfer, this book offered me the chance to live vicariously through these thrill-seekers as they travel the globe in search of mammoth waves to tackle.  It also provides enough terrifying facts to ensure that my ocean adventures will continue to make me anxious.
So what better cocktail to quell these nerves as you dive into this adventure?  How about the Deep Blue Sea...

Simply fill a glass with crushed or cubed ice.  Add 1.5 oz vodka, then ½ oz Blue Curacao.  Top off with sparkling wine, mix gently & enjoy – Surf’s Up!

Kendra is an enthusiastic world traveler, accomplished cook & foodie, avid sports fan and active community volunteer – you can follow her escapades at KMJtravels & BoozeHouse.


  1. Thank you for a great post Kendra. That has to be the best author photo ever.

  2. This book sounds great and I'm trying this drink just because it looks pretty!

    1. The drink looks amazing doesn't it. Like your drinking the ocean. A clean ocean. You would only want to drink a clean ocean.