Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amish Mysteries from Amanda Flower and Isabella Alan

Today our guest post is by author Amanda Flower who has three books coming out this month, two of them are mysteries based in Amish Country in Ohio. She graciously shared the recipe below for Amish Sour Cream Cookies and answered a few questions for us.

Why did you decide to write Amish mysteries?

I've wanted to write mysteries as long as I can remember. I love a great whodunit, but I didn't even consider writing Amish until after I finished library school. As a young librarian, my first professional job-offer was for a college library in the middle of Amish country. I took the job and lived there for three years. It wasn't until I moved back to the city, did I realize what a unique experience I had a very young age and maybe that would make a great basis for a series. However, there weren't many Amish mysteries then except P.L. Gaus and Linda Castillo. Both are great authors and nice people too. I wasn't sure a publisher would want an Amish novel that wasn't in the romance genre. To my surprise, publishers were actively searching for Amish mysteries at the time my proposal was floating around out there. I got two great offers, which translated into two separate series: Appleseed Creek Mysteries and the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries.

How much time a year do you spend in Amish country and what do you do there?

I visit Holmes and Knox County every four to five months. Sometimes I spend the night, but usually it's just a day trip because it's only two hours from my home. In Holmes, I do everything that a normal tourist would do: I shop in the cute stores, eat the delicious food, and enjoy the tranquil scenery. However, I also try to talk to people. I've met with librarians, shopkeeper, booksellers, and artisans. With the Amish I talk to, I'm upfront with them that I am an author. Happily, most are willing to talk to me. In Knox County since that's the county I lived in, I visit my old friends. Some of them have close ties to the Amish because they had taken into former Amish teens that need a help acclimating to the English world.

Who are some of the writer's that inspired you to write?

I have a long list. As a child it was  E.B. White, Beverly Cleary, and Ann M. Martin. As an adult, I admire the work of Heather Webber, Kylie Logan, Earlene Fowler, and so many more. Cozies have always been my favorite, but I read all sorts of mysteries.

Tell us about your books coming out this month.

I have three novels releasing this month. Two are Amish mysteries. The first in the first novel in the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series, Murder, Plain and Simple, which I write as Isabella Alan, and the second is the third Appleseed Creek Mystery, A Plain Disappearance. Both are cozy Amish mysteries set in Ohio, but Murder, Plain and Simple is the more light-hearted of the two. I also have a middle grade mystery releasing call Andi Unexpected.

If you would like to win this lovely quilt, and learn more about Amanda's books, click here


  1. Wow, she is one busy author! I received an ARC of Murder, Plain and Simple and I loved it!

  2. I can't believe you find the time to write so much. Keep up the good work!