Saturday, September 7, 2013

Book Review: Murder, Plain and Simple

Kim Hammond reviews the new Isabella Alan book, 

Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella AlanMurder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan is the debut cozy mystery of the Amish Quilt Shop series, set in Ohio and featuring shop owner Angie Braddock (available September 3, 2013).
Angela “Angie” Braddock’s Aunt Eleanor fell in love with an Amish man, and when they married, she converted to the Amish lifestyle. Angie used to visit them during her summer breaks and loved spending time with her aunt and uncle, but as she got older, the visits were less frequent and finally stopped altogether.
When Aunt Eleanor passed away, Angie is stunned to find out the quilt shop has been left to her. What's she going to do with a quilt shop in Amish country, Ohio when she's a busy, working woman in Dallas, Texas? Everyone assumed Angie would sell the shop, but when her fiancé Ryan suddenly calls off the wedding right before the invitations were to go out, she surprises everyone, quits her job, and moves to Ohio to run the quilt shop.
Angie returns to the town she fondly remembers from her childhood and rents a house near downtown Rolling Brook for herself and Oliver, her black and white French bulldog. Most folks are kind and welcome her to the neighborhood. She’s instant friends with Rachel, whose family owns the bakery across the street, and Rachel is happy to feed Angie’s penchant for baked goods. However, some of the Amish are a bit upset that an Englischer owns a store in the Amish community.


  1. Sounds like a great series, and one that's a fresh take on an amateur sleuth.