Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Library Restaurant

Kerry Hammond is today's guest blogger...

While spending the weekend in Winter Park, Colorado recently I came across a restaurant called The Library.  What avid reader could pass up a chance to eat at a place like that? Not this one.

The restaurant is a bar and grill set just at the edge of the small mountain town of Winter Park. There were quite a few customers (always a good sign) and we got a great patio table.  I took a walk through the place before ordering to admire their decorations.  They didn’t completely transform themselves into a library setting, but had several shelves of books and a beautiful old wooden card catalog.  Some of the more recent books looked like they were there for you to just grab one to read, others were behind a glass case for show, obviously more valuable.

I can recommend the Pepperoni Pizza, it was very tasty.  I also tried a blue drink called Lightning Lemonade, or something similar.  The fact that I can’t remember the name has nothing to do with its alcohol content, it was actually more lemonade than lightning,

The waitstaff were quite friendly and efficient.  They wore t-shirts with their logo on the front and on back it said “Don’t lie to your Mom, tell her you’re at the Library.”  


  1. This sounds so fun. We have to plan a girls trip to Denver soon!