Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Christie Week: Five Reasons Why Hercule Poirot is The Best

Of all of Agatha Christie's sleuth's I love Hercule Poirot the most. It's much more than those little grey cells. Here are five reasons why:

1) He's a great friend and colleague - I love his bromance with both Inspector Japp and the Watson-esque Hastings. Granted these friendships were more richly explored in the PBS series than the books, but they are still great.  

2) He's an excellent boss - He always takes care of Miss Lemon, whether it's helping her get over the death of her beloved cat or helping to vet murderous suitors.

3) He knows his strengths and his weaknesses - Poirot knows he is very good at solving crimes, but not so good at preventing them. This frustrates him on many occasions. Of course, if he prevented the crime, then there would be no stories. 

4) He knows how to run a business - The man has flexible hours. He travels. Can afford assistants and experts. Clearly he makes a good salary with that London flat and all of that claret. He is the ultimate consultant.

5) He gets to go to all of the best parties - Of course, a murder usually happens at the party or soon after, but he does get to go.

What are your favorites qualities of Hercule Poirot? 

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