Monday, December 30, 2013

Major Crimes Holiday Facebook Chat with Director David McWhirter

Tonight on the Major Crimes Facebook chat, episode director, David McWhirter joined us instead of James Duff to provide a different perspective. David’s answers are below and it was a fun chat. As usual, I’ve eliminated answers that didn’t make sense without the questions. With hundreds of questions it becomes too hard to fish them out. You can find other Major Crimes Facebook chats here

We only have two episodes left of Major Crimes this season.  Hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year. 

David McWhirter Hi Everybody, this is David McWhirter- aka DMac - I directed tonight's show and am covering (trying to anyways for James Duff. I'm honored to be here with you. This is my first live Chat!

David McWhirter Tonight's script is EXCELLENT and was written by Ralph Gifford, Carson Moore, and Leo Geter.

David McWhirter I was AD (Assistant Director) on the pilot of Closer and also Major Crimes pilot. I was lucky enough to get to direct 4 Closer episodes and have also directed 4 Major Crimes eps now. I have also ADed the odd-numbered episodes throughout the series.

David McWhirter Hi Elodia- I actually like Rusty's interaction with the show...I think it allows us to see another side of Raydor..he makes her more vulnerable.

David McWhirter You might get to meet the guy writing the letters very soon!

David McWhirter Yes- Jon Tenney is going to be on the show again. As long as he is available- we LOVE having him (& his character) visit us.
David McWhirter I am pretty blown away by all the enthusiasm here for the show!! It makes me (& the other cast & crew) want to deliver for you guys!!

David McWhirter Thanks Mary, I am assigned episodes, but I LOVE the ones with personal storylines...Character is everything I think...and these characters are so complex...the actors know their characters very well...but still want to explore-that is SO fun for me!

David McWhirter Hah - Thanks Pat...that's right! I personally LOVE Kyra and her character. Kyra pushed for me to get my first directing break...but that was a different show. 

David McWhirter Hi Beverly, Rusty's driving reminded my Mom of me haha

David McWhirter as far as Raydor goes, she has a lot of responsibilities and it is better for her to supervise the squad- something she cannot do if she goes to all the crime scenes. But sometimes she does go!

David McWhirter I agree...the fingers on the roof was cool...not my was in the job is to make sure & make it happen on set (with a lot of help form the cast & crew).

David McWhirter Yes- Buzz's character has evolved over the course of the show. He is great and offers a different- non cop- friend for Rusty. Phillip Keene is great to work professional!

David McWhirter No- Next week's episode is excellent as well...will be directed by Rick Wallace...and then the finale...directed by none other than James Duff!!!!!

David McWhirter Hi Aunt C- Not really- I think I always need to focus on every it all works together to tell the story. I am careful to make sure every scene 'works' and makes sense.

David McWhirter Good point Julie...I agree with you...that being never know when something might get stirred up...A little chemistry goes a long way

David McWhirter Hi Phil - to my knowledge, Rusty is NOT based on a real person. He is a combo of James' mind and Graham Martin's brilliance as an actor.

David McWhirter I agree, Bree Fought-Maxwell! I think Closer was great, but major Crimes is even better because there are more characters and you never know which one may take the lead on a case!

David McWhirter In answer to your question...I don’t really get starstruck,,,although it IS a thrill to work with such a talented cast! And the guest stars on tonight's ep are amazing I think.

 David McWhirter As far as flexibility, James and Mike Robin give me a LOT of room to be creative...but i always try to stay within the style of the show, but also hopefully surprise them with some things.

David McWhirter Hi Russ...everybody that comment is Russ of America..he & his partner Ron Corcillo wrote a VERY funny short that I directed- called Daryl From Oncar...that short helped me get my first Closer Ep to direct!!

David McWhirter Philip Stroh might be coming back...he is a great character and the Actor is terrific to work with.

David McWhirter Hi Andrea Morgan, I like Rusty a lot too...brings an interesting & unpredictable angle to the show I think. I loved the psychologist as well..I expect he will be back in the future.

David McWhirter As this winds down, I just want to sat THANKS SO MUCH to all of you out there!! Your comments are smart and heartfelt! I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. It is so cool to see your love of the show. I must thank James Duff for letting me do this tonight- he is out on personal business and was sad to miss it, but wanted you all to be covered, so he asked me to try- haha. 

David McWhirter Good night everybody and thanks for watching & supporting us! Hope you liked the show! xoxox –David


  1. I still have half of the 7th season of The Closer to watch before I can start this.