Monday, December 23, 2013

Way More than You Wanted to Know About Egg Nog

We only have a few days until Christmas and while visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head it's good to know a little bit more about other holiday food and drink traditions. 

Mental Floss has a great rundown on the history of egg nog, including a video of what happened when they made George Washington's version of the drink. If you want to learn gobs about egg nog, click here.

If more information on the history of fruit cakes is what you're after, TLC has that covered here.

Mental Floss didn't stop with the egg nog, they also thought it was important to chronicle disturbing Christmas cards from the Victorian era. These images are very, very disturbing, including the emu menacing a frightened child below. Happy Christmas.  

Last but not least, Martha Stewart has you covered with ideas for great Christmas cocktails

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  1. It's an acquired taste but I love it. Especially egg nog shakes!