Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crafty Thursdays: Serious Book Marks

Since winter is in full swing (at least everywhere but California), we thought we'd get a little more crafty than usual. So, every Thursday for the rest of winter. Today we're starting with book marks made from old book spines. 

To enter the giveaway for the Message from Hong Kong book mark on the left in the photo above, leave a comment below. 

Materials & Tools:

1) An old book (you may want more than one to practice on)
2) Gorilla Glue
3) A piece of card stock
4) A ribbon, a tassel or beads as desired
5) An Exacto knife

Step One:
Slice the pages of the book out of the cover using the Exacto knife. This can be tricky, especially with really old books. You may want to practice with a book you don't care about so much. (save the two cover pieces, we'll be making notebooks out of those in a post in March)

Step Two:
Cut the spine away from the front cover and the back cover, like the photo above. 

Step Three:
Glue the spine onto a piece of card stock. I used two sided here, but it's not necessary. Once the glue dries cut the paper out around the spine. 

Step Four:
Attach beads, ribbon and tassels as desired.


  1. These are adorable - thanks for sharing. I want to make them for my book clubs.

    1. Thank you Amy. They were fun to make once we figured out the best way.

  2. I've been wanting to make these, I think this post is my reminder.

    1. I knew that. I'm systematically working your to do lists into blog posts...

  3. What a great idea to use those old books that were going to be trashed. RRR

  4. Our winner is Barbara! Please contact us with your e-mail address.

  5. Did the bookmark ever get mailed? I was eager to receive yours as I figured it would help me when I made one myself. Thanks.

    1. Hi Barbara - I did mail it. Ages ago! I'm so bummed it never arrived.