Monday, January 6, 2014

Major Crimes Facebook Chat: James Duff is Back

Welcome to this week's recap of the Major Crimes Facebook chat with James Duff, where the co-creator of The Closer and Major Crimes answers fans questions about the show. Next Monday, January 13th is the season finale. The good news is the crew will be back next summer for season three. You can see previous recaps here, including last week's chat with director, David McWhirter. 

What did we learn this week?

- The next season will also be split into a summer and winter season and Amy will get a romance next winter (and Sanchez and Buzz might too). 

- We will have to wait until next season for further Sharon and Flynn relationship development. 

- Next season will concentrate more on the personal lives of many others in the cast. 

Here are James Duff's answers to this week's questions. The volume of questions has gotten so high, it's impossible to track them with the answers but James answers in a way that you can tell what was asked. As usual, I removed anything that referenced what was happening in the current episode in real time on the east coast...

James Duff Welcome everyone. Our next to last episode! We are going to chat through the first half of the show and maybe a little more. And yes, tonight, you are going to meet the letter writer!

James Duff @Brigetter asks how many police officers we have advising us on an episode. The answer is: at least one! Mike Berchem, ret. was a detective for Robbery Homicide for almost twenty years on the LAPD. And he's in the writer's room for every episode and has worked on every crime scene we've ever shot. 

James Duff And we also have former D.A. Gil Garcetti who advises us on every script.

James Duff But we have lots of other police officers who help us occasionally, too!

James Duff @Sharon D wants to know how long it takes to film a show. Typically we shoot for seven-and-a-half days.

James Duff @Elisha asks why we brought back Brenda's husband. Special Agent Fritz Howard is the FBI's liaison officer to the LAPD. And so he shows up now and then in the joint enterprises of these two law enforcement agencies.

James Duff @Kate H doesn't want us to take sides on controversial issues. I don't know any issues that have not become controversial. I don't have liberal or conservative ideologies. I don't like murder. And that's what the show is about. If you think your values are being challenged by the show, and you believe murder is sometimes okay, you will not like me. I don't dramatize my political opinions on the show. Unless, of course, you don't believe in equal rights under the law.

James Duff @Deena, you will get more about Julio, much more, next season.

James Duff For some of you who are confused about the break, Season Two is divided into two parts, summer and winter. This is the winter part of season two. Season Three will start in the summer.

James Duff All of you asking about Sharon and Flynn, you will have to wait! Season Three will start in June or July of this summer. I don't know about the exact date.

James Duff @Andrew asks what's going to happen to Rusty. Well, he's a material witness in the trial of a dangerous, dangerous killer. And he's not a detective. And he's getting a little old for babysitters.

James Duff @Bunny, Provenza was never called Jim by Pope. He had no first name until Beau Bridges appeared. And when people asked him his first name, he said Lt! I don't know about the Greg thing. Don't recall it at all.

James Duff @Fernanda asks if Sharon is interested in politics. Like a lot of women her age, Sharon still carries scars from the early days of her career, when women had to work very hard to be taken seriously in a workplace like the LAPD. I don't know if that's a political issue or an issue of personal respect. A lot of people politicize good manners these days.

James Duff Our opening features one of the greatest young actors in the English-speaking language: Augustus Prew! Wonderful and scary. See if you can spot him again.

James Duff @Kathy  asks if Raydor will adopt Rusty. First, we have to be sure Rusty survives and is able to live in the open. One thing at a time! But if he lives, I think Sharon would want to adopt him. Depending on whether or not we ever come across his biological mother.

James Duff @Susan asks what I watch. Right now I'm watching Downton Abby. And I also watch Game of Thrones. Mad Men. Survivor. Amazing Race. To name a few!

James Duff For all of you wanting more of Malcom-Jamal Warner, I couldn't agree more. He's got such authority as an actor, and a real chemistry with Kearran Giovanni, who plays Amy Sykes.

James Duff to those of you who miss J.K. Simmons, I feel your pain. Not only is he a great actor, he is a great friend.

James Duff And in the winter season next year, maybe even some romance for Sanchez. I wouldn't rule it out

James Duff And Buzz, too, maybe!

James Duff We will! We're going to deal more deeply with all members of our division next year, and I think there could easily be romance in the air next year. And Amy would be a part of that!

James Duff And will we continue this.

James Duff @ASHLEE says she likes the way the division has come together to protect and educate Rusty, and has enjoyed getting to know more about Sykes and Buzz

James Duff @Fernanda, two good questions tonight. I'd like to meet Flynn's ex-wife. How about the rest of you.

James Duff You may be a criminal, but if no one has ever caught you or arrested you or lifted your prints off a crime scene, you do not exist in law enforcement data bases.

James Duff The music for this episode is off the chain. Jimmy Levine is one of the greatest composers working in film today and we're very lucky to have him on the show.

James Duff Someone just asked on Twitter if the old Volvo is the car Sharon keeps for when her children come to visit because if so, it's cruel! Hahahahahahahaha. My parents never kept a car for me at all! I would have begged for that Volvo when I was a kid!!

James Duff Rusty faces some serious dangers. I would like to point out that there is a high fatality rate among material witnesses. Look at what happened in the Whitey Bulger trial last year.

James Duff @Toni asks if Sharon is ever going to get divorced. If she does, that might mean we have to meet more of her family. Are you interested in meeting Sharon's son and daughter?

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