Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crafty Thursdays: Book Clock

It's crafty Thursday and today's DIY project is making a clock out of an old book. This one is pretty easy. It took me about two hours to make one clock. 


1) An old book. 
2) Clock parts (can be purchased at Michaels, or ordered online)
3) An exacto knife.
4) Glue

Here's the kit with the clock parts. 

Step One:
Take the Exacto knife and cut out a square shaped hole in each page of the book until you have a box big enough to hide the clock works. (See photo below). Glue the pages together making sure to stack other books on top of this one as the glue dries so the pages don't warp. 

Step Two:
Drill a hole in the front of the book where you want the minute and hour hands to peek through. The Exacto knife worked fine for me, but a friend of mine used an actual drill.

Step Three:
Glue the clock engine to the back of the book (see photo) with the part that controls the hour and minute hand peeking through your hole in the front of the book.

Step Four:
Attach the minute and hour hands to the front of the clock. Then attach the numbers for each hour if so desired. Add batteries to the clock and your done!