Sunday, March 9, 2014

Once Upon A Time: Dating Flying Monkeys

Once Upon A Time was back tonight with one more witch, and a multitude of evil flying monkeys.

Our return to Once was marked with a visit to Emma and Henry in New York where Hook is still trying to convince her that her reality is fake and that she should drink a little potion to remember everything (and people are speculating that she's Dorothy. Really? Because the long blonde hair, relationship with the Mad Hatter, vanquishing of the Red Queen wasn't enough before she actually drank the 'drink me' potion. Was she wearing red shoes? Blue gingham? No. She's Alice people. Despite the spinoff. Deal with it.)

Would you drink a random memory restoration potion if this man asked you to? 
Anyway, Emma has a man in her life now and he's asked her to marry her. Of course, her pirate ex-love (Hook) shows up to save her from the current boyfriend/wanna be fiance who's, you guessed it, an evil flying monkey disguised as a normal guy. 

Unfortunately, while I'd like to be able tell you all that this part of the show is all fairytale, I've dated too many evil flying monkeys disguised as human men to be able to do so. 

So, Hook sends Emma to Neal's old apartment. She finds enough evidence there to believe Hook is right. She drinks the DRINK ME potion. As we knew she would as soon as we saw that precious little bottle in Hook's one good hand. 

Meanwhile back in the enchanted forest, our merry band of Storybrooke outcasts are making their way to the castle of Regina. No, it belongs to Snow White. No, Regina. No, Snow White. Ok, they decide to share the castle because it belonged to Snow's dad who was Regina's husband. They declare a truce, right before Regina decides to bury her heart in the ground, because it hurts to much to have one. I must admit, that I have never thought of burying my heart, but to each his own. 

So now, Zelana (more familiarly known as Elphaba), the oh so green Wicked Witch of the West has cast a protection spell preventing our group of Storybrooke friends from returning to the Evil Queen's/Snow White's castle. Her magic casts green, which is to be expected. The flying monkeys that have pervaded the episode are part of her entourage, we suppose. And Sleeping Beauty and Phillip are purposely not warning our friends about this new evil witch. 

Aurora which means 'the dawn', should mean 'the coward'... If you don't know what I am talking about find a copy of the Sleeping Beauty story and read the first line. All will become clear. 

On a good note, Robin Hood has shown up which means Regina may have romance in her future. No sign of Rumple except for Belle's faith that he will return. I have as much faith as Belle does that he will be back. 

When Emma gets back to Storybrooke she discovers her mom, Snow White/Mary Margaret is preggers and she and Charming have no memories of the past year. But clearly there is another curse in the works. And Emma the savior has to get to work. 

I like this so much better than Neverland...

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