Sunday, March 9, 2014

Once Upon A Time Returns Tonight

When last we left Emma Swann and Henry, the were enjoying a fairytale free life in a fairy tale of their own... out of Storybrooke and believing that Emma had never given Henry up. 

It's one year later and as they are about to drink their perfect hot chocolate with cinnamon and eat their yummy breakfast, our old friend Hook arrives at the door. He says there is trouble, and then he tries to get Emma to remember him by kissing her. 

Well, Emma doesn't remember and gives him the boot. She has no idea who the hottie wearing all the eye-liner is. I was little surprised that she threatened to call the cops but didn't actually do it. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the inhabitants of Storybrooke are back where they came from, as if the curse never existed. Of course that means Rumple is probably still alive, despite sacrificing his own life to save everyone from his nut case father - Peter Pan (Making Rumplestiltskin the son of Peter Pan sure took some serious imagination...)  

The hints of the coming episodes are focusing on the new witch in town: The Wicked Witch of the East from Wizard of OZ. Love that yellow brick road. 

I'm glad we are out of Neverland. I am glad that Hook is still after Emma. And I'm glad we've got new episodes coming. 

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