Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Walking Dead: 3 Mysteries Solved, Many More to Go

Mia Giannotti Bard joins us today to talk about mysteries solved on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. 

The latest episode of The Walking Dead ("The Grove") has the internet buzzing about the most shocking events to befall the hit zombie apocalypse show thus far. Quit reading now if you have yet to watch "The Grove", but keep in mind this is not a full episode recap. Rather, I want to take a look at three mysteries that episode definitively solved, one that's still a bit of a question mark, and many others that remain unresolved as we head into the end of the season.

Mystery Solved #1: Lizzie was the one feeding mice to the walkers at the prison, as she confessed the crime to Tyreese. This point was heavily foreshadowed all season - and reinforced a few episodes back when Lizzie was shown killing helpless bunnies in the forest - but never confirmed until last Sunday's episode.

Mystery Solved #2: Carol was the culprit who killed Karen and David back at the prison. Again, this was a safe bet; Carol had admitted she was the culprit when confronted by Rick, who then banished her from the group. But there was always a faction that believed Carol was lying to Rick to cover for someone else, like Lizzie or Carl. 

Mystery solved #3: Lizzie was indeed flat-out crazy in the head. While it was hinted from the start that there was something definitely"off" about her - with references by her sister Mika that she was "messed up" - it's now clear that Lizzie's issues weren't caused by the zombie apocalypse itself, nor the fact that she and her sister were left orphans. No, Lizzie most definitely had mental issues well before the world went haywire. To quote Carol: "She can't be around other people."

Mystery not-so-solved #4: And although the internet is ripe with speculation that the source of the fire spied in the distance was the cabin Daryl and Beth set ablaze, don't be so sure. According to TWD showrunner Scott Gimple, you shouldn't make that assumption. As he stated a few days ago to Entertainment Weekly

"I keep getting asked that and I refuse to give a definitive answer. Because I don’t want to tell you what it is. If I wanted folks to believe that definitively, I would have somehow tied that in definitively, but I want people to decide that. In the end, I have very hard feelings about what everything means, but I would never tell the audience they’re wrong. Unless it was a story point that we were very specific about."

Mysteries still to be solved:

Will the various groups be reunited?
Who kidnapped Beth?
Will Daryl break away from the gang of thugs?
Will everyone eventually reach Terminus? And what exactly IS this place - a safe haven, or a trap?

With only two episodes left to the season, that's a lot of questions still to be answered.

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