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Major Crimes Facebook Chat Recap with James Duff & Greg LaVoi

Co-creator of Major Crimes and The Closer, James Duff, was back on Facebook tonight during the East Coast showing of Major Crimes to answer fan's questions. The show's costume designer, Greg LaVoi, joined him to dish on fashion. Here's what we learned:

  • Since it's the most asked question every week, lets start with more Brenda Leigh Johnson not on the show anymore answers... We got more info this week but it's still the same conclusion. Here's how Duff answered this week:

James Duff Siddy B says that she doesn't know if anyone else has said it, but she would sure like to see Brenda again. Of course, so would I! I had dinner with her last Friday, but it's not the same as working with her. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. But I will never be announcing something like that in this space! The stars would need to align. I try to avoid this question, Siddy, because it comes up so much. And I've answered it so often. But not this week!

  • Greg LaVoi likes dressing Michael Tao best. Amy's dress last week came from the Victoria Beckham line at Neiman Marcus.
  • Next Week we get a Flynn and Provenza focused episode (always my favorite, but what could top the episode where they left a body in Provenza's garage to go to the Dodger game?)

Here are the rest of the answers. As usual Duff does a pretty good job of repeating the question in the answer, which is good because the volume of questions is so high it's impossible to match the question with the answer. 

James Duff Greg says thanks to our fans for letting him keep dressing the actors in an authentic way, and not demanding they always wear their very best to work! I have to agree!

James Duff Cheerie C asks who thinks up all the sarcastic remarks! It's a big group of writers trying to be rude as possible without being completely out of line!

James Duff As Greg and I have started this chat together, our room has filled up with people seeing the episode for the first time. They were supposed to help me read your questions. And they're slacking off! Hold on!

James Duff We don't always agree on why a character says something, even if we agree on what the character says!

James Duff For those asking, Yanni Gellman played Dante in tonight's episode, a young man with a great future ahead of him!

James Duff Oh Jen Jen from Singapore says she would like to see Rusty get caught up in one of Flynn and Provenza's hijinks! Nest week, ladies and gentlemen! Watch next week! Andrew Daly returns as cop impersonator Dick Tracy. And we have a guest starring performance from Carol Cook!

James Duff Kellie M asks if Provenza is trying to help Rusty come out of the closet. Mmmm. Not really. In fact, I think he's doing everything possible to avoid hearing about it. But he's trying to prepare himself for what he thinks is the inevitable.

James Duff The new bond between Sanchez and Sharon is not really like the one between Brenda and Gabriel. Gabriel tried to keep Brenda out of trouble. Julio risks trouble himself because Sharon won't. But she knows it!

James Duff Greg says his favorite thing about working with Mary is how much of a collaborator she is.

James Duff Karen F I don't like Mondays very much, either! But I am glad when I finish work and get to go home and turn on the television and see our show. It's been a great honor to work with Greg and the crew and the actors for all these years, and kind words like yours make all the labor mean something.

James Duff Raymond Cruz's father is not in the cast tonight; he passed away quite a long time ago.

James Duff Ashlee B yes, we will learn more about Dr. Morales this year. He takes the witness stand this winter.

James Duff
 But before all that, we have our Flynn and Provenza episode next week!

James Duff One of our most avid fans (Ilona!) asks why we don't show more rain! Los Angeles would be thrilled to have more rain! Unfortunately, our forecast is perpetually sunny!

James Duff This episode features a lot of Raymond Cruz as Julio Sanchez. Ray and I have become so close over the years that he is practically a part of my family. And I am practically a part of his.

James Duff Greg matches the clothes closer to the character's personality. Actors usually want that!

James Duff Trinity D KT Yes, you will see both of Sharon's children this year! And Ricky will be in episode 9. We're very excited to introduce them. More on their names alone.

James Duff It's an amazing collaboration, and before we start shooting episodes, Greg does a big costume show and tell where he shows us what every actor is supposed to wear in every scene.

James Duff Debi C and all those paying us compliments tonight, we appreciate them so much! Greg and I have been working together on the D.A., The Closer and now Major Crimes for twelve years!

James Duff We meet more of Sanchez's family in the winter. He has some serious issues to deal with first. I don't mind mentioning he has a very tough time tonight. And then also in 307. Very, very rough.

James Duff We try to keep our detectives dressed in common with what you might find at the LAPD.

James Duff Ever Carradine plays Rusty's mother and her scene with Sharon Raydor is very surprising.

James Duff Susie L says she remembers when Provenza dressed up because he was dating a young woman! And you may see changes like that again in the winter time.

James Duff The actors almost always ask for more personal moments. And we have done a lot more personal moments in Major Crimes.

James Duff For those asking Greg where they can get a bucket hat like Provenza, the answer is Army Surplus!

James Duff Donna C asks what the actors want to happen on the show? Of course, they all want relationships!  Except Graham!

James Duff Greg says Mary loves Michael Kors's dresses and Ughs!

James Duff Uggs!
    James Duff I don't wear them!

    James Duff Sophie O asks what is his favorite costume for Sharon. He says the Navy trench that Mary called The Darth Raydor Coat!

    James Duff Kathy Fs asks what was with the roses to Sykes? I would say she has a boyfriend! And she has a wardrobe change coming up to indicate how serious it is. Gone will be the blouses, and in will be Ts! Greg switches up their clothes to go with character changes.

    James Duff Robin Basks what is the most exciting part of the season for us. Greg says anytime he gets a specific wardrobe request from the writers that doesn't require him to stay up all night drawing. SWAT uniforms are fun! For me, the favorite part of the season is when we have finished our summer run and are gearing up for the winter! 

    James Duff Usually, our episodes have a costume story, too. And buried in that costume story is a clue to the theme and how different members of the squad are getting along.

    James Duff Flynn and Sharon are getting closer. What will happen? She's still married to Jack (Tom Berenger) who comes back in episode six of this season.

    James Duff
     Richard G has a feeling Rusty's mom will bail again. I'm not sure about that. But I will say that Ever Carradine gives a great performance. I read here that people want Rusty to act like a normal teenager. Here's why that doesn't happen.

    James Duff When your custodial parent abandons you in a large city, and you end up having to sell yourself on the street to eat and survive, traumatic things happen to your psyche. Trauma like that is hard to get over. He feels distant and disconnected from other young people his age, most of whom - thank goodness - have not found themselves thrown away by irresponsible parents. Fifteen-year-olds internalize this kind of abuse like severe violence. I am trying to authentically detail this underrepresented issue in the criminal justice system. Abandoning children is a terrible crime. Making them feel responsible for it is worse.

    James Duff Greg's favorite actor to dress is Michael Tao. He started out doing something odd with MPC's wardrobe, and now the odd thing he was doing is high fashion! So Tao went from being geeky to really in!

    James Duff First question is from last week! Where did Amy's dress come from? The answer is the Victoria Beckham line at Neiman Marcus.

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