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Major Crimes Facebook Chat Recap with Jonathan Del Arco & James Duff

Jonathan Del Arco, who plays Dr. Morales on Major Crimes, joined the shows co-creator, producer and writer, James Duff for his weekly on-season Facebook Chat. 

It seemed like James spilled more information this week and here's what we learned:
  • After seven years of watching Dr. Morales but never hearing his first name, we'll find it out in a court scene later this season. Jonathan has asked that it be anything but Spike, but who knows if James will honor that request.
  • We'll meet Amy Sykes' love interest later this season.
  • The Flynn & Provenza focused episodes are among Duff's favorites - not a surprise since they are among our favorites as well.
  • Jonathan and James first met playing a game of Murder.
  • Provenza will get a love interest in the winter season of Major Crimes.
  • Next week the show gets more serious again. 

Here's the recap of the rest of James' answers. It doesn't include the questions because as this chat gets more and more popular, they stack up too fast to match them up. James does a good job of putting the question inside the answer most of the time. 

James Duff Shirley V. - I'd love to see a movie special with Flynn and Provenza, too. And the dead aunt was played by the great genius of the Los Angeles film and theatre community, Carole Cook. Goodnight to all of you and see you again next week.

James Duff Gregory E. H asks why The Closer is not on Netflix. I have no idea, really. But I think it's on Amazon Prime!

James Duff Gail S says tonight's episode is very different from the others, and wants to know if we got new writers. Not really, Gail! We do at least one Flynn & Provenza episode every year, where they get involved in the...lighter side of crime fighting.

James Duff @Marea D H asks if we use any true crimes for the show? Yes, we do sometimes take something that happened in life and turn it around to make it a Major Crime. This story, for instance, was suggested by a real life instance where someone left a minor fortune to a pet.

James Duff Holly Michelle B wants to know if Sykes has lost her relationship because she's dressed back in a professional manner. Not at all! She is playing it cool.

James Duff Just Smile asks if plan on adding any new younger characters. Tune in to episode 307, Two Options, where we introduce another whole division of the LAPD.

James Duff I don't want to say how the story resolves, because it's part of our ongoing exploration of the them of expectations. Tonight is all about the consequences of thinking you should always have a second chance at the ball.

James Duff Samantha R asks what rights Rusty has. The kid has turned eighteen, so legally, he's an adult as long as he's not in a bar by himself. So he does not need to be adopted for reasons of guardianship. But there are other reasons he might want to supersede the relationship with his mom.

James Duff Jennifer S asks if Rusty will ever become a police officer? The answer is probably not. But maybe! I can't say, really, what would bring him into the LAPD. But he has a big change coming up this summer. A very big change. And one that will take all his concentration to overcome.

James Duff This is our ninth Flynn and Provenza episode over the ten seasons of The Closer and Major Crimes. And they usually end up being one of my favorites of every years.

James Duff Sophie O asks if we could have anyone guest star on the show, I guess I would have to say either Jeff Bridges or Oprah Winfry. I just want to meet them! And there's no reason either one of them should ever talk to me!

James Duff Yes, the show is about the Maltese. Falcon. On Twitter, there are folks asking!

James Duff Debbie M asks if Sharon would adopt Rusty if she could. I think adoption takes both parents to agree. And Sharon is still married to her husband Jack. I think she has some decisions to make in that regard.

James Duff Holly Michelle B hopes that Jonathan doesn't have to do an autopsy on the dog. Actually, his autopsy tonight is much, much worse!

James Duff Jonathan had a hoot doing it.

James Duff Jon Tenney is hilarious in real life. And he tells the best jokes, too, and normally I don't really like jokes so much.

James Duff Trinity D KT wants to know who the funniest actor is in the morgue. The answer would be the same from every actor on the show, I think. Because everyone thinks Jon Tenney is the funniest

James Duff Debbie M asks what it will take for Rusty to see Sharon as his true mother. If you want to know the answer to this question, tune in next week. Because we answer it!

James Duff She L wants to know if we're going to expand the part of Buzz. His role gets bigger every year! And he would agree with you that he should have more to do. But all the actors say that!

James Duff Peggy H asks how Jonathan develops his character. Jonathan responds that he learns his lines as well as he can, and then tries not to scream at the dead bodies.

James Duff Andrew D, who plays Dick Tracy in this ep, is one of the greatest talents in the acting profession

James Duff Kimberlee T ask if we have already finished shooting this season. No! I wish! No! We still have half all the winter season to go.

James Duff I should say, Sanchez has shown anger issues several times before

James Duff Lots of people asking about Sanchez anger issues. All will be revealed during the summer. And no, I am not planning on having him leave the show! He's one of my best friends. And he's a fantastic actor!

James Duff Ilona Arcari Asks how Jonathan feels about the morgue. Jonathan is death-a-phobic! He gets freaked out by the dead bodies. All the time. And I'm not kidding!

James Duff @Jenean Johnston V M asks if I ever thought Major Crimes would be as successful as it's become. I wasn't sure, of course, but I know how good our actors are and how hard working and talented our writers are, I was betting on success.

James Duff Funny to recollect now, but Jonathan and I met during a game of Murder!

James Duff Stephanie P wants to know if Rusty's Mom is going to be a long running storyline this season. She is a kick off point. I love Ever Carradine, and I'm glad to be working with her. She and Graham do a great job in next week's episode.

James Duff RJ F wants to know what happened to Nadien V. and if he can get her contact information. The answer is, she will come back later in the season and No! You cannot have her contact information, though I will tell her you asked about her.

James Duff But we will be giving Provenza a love interest. This winter!

James Duff Jane P asks if there will be a love interest for Provenza. Jonathan says we've already done a show about a nursing home, which is really rude!

James Duff Brittany T wants to know who Sykes is dating. Watch episode five of this season, two weeks from tonight. I can't just tell you. This is a mystery show!

James Duff Elizabeth C asks she is uncertain what Rusty meant when he said to Provenze in the premiere, "And that other thing? That you think you know? I'm not ready to talk about that at all."

James Duff Ilona Arcari asks if Jonathan has a preference for Dr. Morales first name. All I can say is Jonathan has asked me not to name him Spike. You will get to hear Dr. Morales's first name the next time he testifies in court. Which is not too far away.

James Duff Dina S asks what are the hardest episodes to watch, for me personally. I think Jonathan and I would both agree, they have to do with the murders of children. I always get upset when I see them. And yet, they happen so often in life that not to portray them would un inauthentic

James Duff
Shelby M asks if Sharon and Flynn are ever going to get together? I don't know the answer to this. I just know they have good chemistry!

James Duff Laura U Asks who my favorite character to write for is! Normally, I don't answer questions like that, but since he's sitting right next to me, I'll say Jonathan Del Arco and take all the grief that comes after.

James Duff
Before we go, Jonathan wants to thank all of you for warming up to him after joining us in the middle of season three of The Closer. He's been working on some version of the show for seven-and-a-hlaf years, which is his longest gig in his career. And to those of you who remember him fondly as Hugh from Star Trek, he thanks you! It was one of his favorite roles of all time!

James Duff Thanks everyone for having us in your homes this evening. We'll be back next week with a more dramatic entry into our summer series.

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