Sunday, June 22, 2014

Set Your DVRs: Tyrant

Fx has come up with another super edge TV concept, called Tyrant, and it makes it's debut this Tuesday. It's a challenging subject - the happenings of a family in a fictional war-torn middle eastern culture. 

Here's a description of the show:

Bassam "Barry" Al Fayeed is from the fictional war-torn country of Baladi. He has been living in self-selected exile in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years. Barry, the younger son of Baladi's dictator, ends his exile to return with his American family to his homeland for his nephew's wedding. His arrival leads to a dramatic culture clash, as he reluctantly returns to the familial and national politics he once left.

The concept is intriguing to me because I haven't seen a show tackle these topics in this lens. The subject matter is tough and about as far from relaxing as you can get. There's also been a little drama in getting the show made. 

Here's a preview:


  1. It does sound good, and I agree - what a unique topic to use as the base of the show.