Monday, July 14, 2014

Major Crimes' Kearran Giovanni Joins James Duff for the Chat

After a brief hiatus we're back with the Major Crimes Facebook chat recap. This week, Kearran Giovanni, who plays Detective Amy Sykes joins show c-creator and writer, James Duff for the chat with fans. It's a great chat. We got a lot of great perspective on how Kearran approaches the role and what she hopes for Amy.

What else did we learn?
  • Kearran finds some of the drama scenes on the show harder to recover from. Sometimes they stick with her even after she goes home.
  • James Duff agrees with Kearran on the drama scenes - tough to write, edit and shoot.
  • Jon Tenney will be back for episodes 9 & 10
  • There will be more of a focus on Buzz next week
Here's the rundown of posts. As always, we post James Duff's answers since he's so good at recapping the questions in his answers and the volume makes it hard to match questions with the answers. (Note: this post has been amended because I initially missed part of the chat due to a split thread and a late work day.)

James Duff Welcome everyone! I'm here with Kearran Giovanni, who I will be referring to as K.G. since her name is so long to type.

James Duff @Kerrie Z asks if we can shed any light on Sharon and Andy. Or Sharon and Rusty. We can tell you that tonight will give you a lot of those answers.

James Duff Talk about nice guys! Luke was awesome.

James Duff @LInda P wants to have an ep about Tao's family. We are. Kind of. Lt. Tao consults on a television crime drama. And we're going to meet some of his production family. And we're going to hear why he's moonlighting. All in episode eight of this season, which will also star Luke Perry.

James Duff Kearran says Malcom is so easy on set, and is like one of the company already. It's true! He's doing a great job and lots of fun extra scenes.

James Duff @Larenda HFmentions that she loves the idea of Kearran and Malcom together - Det. Amy Sykes and Lt. Cooper! I like the idea of them together, too, and of working more with Malcom-Jamal Warner. Kearran finds it hard to forget she's not working Theo!

James Duff And when everyone's giving it their best, it's hard not to get along.

James Duff I think she means it, really! Look! We have a great time together because everyone is really trying hard to bring their A game every week.

James Duff @Suzanne S S asks if the cast has as much fun as they appear to have on the set. Kearran definitely says they don't just like each other; they love each other; it's like Disneyland every day they're at work.

James Duff Kearran and I both grew up more in Texas.

James Duff And we have a big Louisiana festival!

James Duff @Mary R H asks if Mary and Graham ever cook Cajun food for the cast and crew (because, like me, there were all originally born in Louisiana, I suppose). No! They don't! But once a year, G W Bailey flies in Mardi Gras!

James Duff It's a long story, some of which is told in tonight's episode.

James Duff I wanted to tell the story about a woman who had sacrificed a great deal to keep her family together, and to stay on her chosen career path after a guy had window shopped through her life.

James Duff @Graie A Kearran says thanks for the compliment. And she wants to know why Sharon and Jack were separated for so long, and why they never divorced.

James Duff @Kathy B asks if we'll be seeing Jon Tenney as Fritz a lot this season. Yes! He'll be back next week. And he'll also be back in episode 9 and 10 our finale. Big news on that score. Later.

James Duff Kearran would like to say how excited she is not to be shooting in the Electronics Room and sitting up in the office with me.

James Duff I feel pretty confident about a fourth season, but pickups come on the network's schedule and for the network's reasons. I can't say anything more.

James Duff @Emmi S. who has a really long last name which is hard for me to type, asks if the show will have a fourth season. We are certainly hoping so!

James Duff So last week, we revealed Amy was dating Cooper!

James Duff I know a lot of you thought it was going to be David Gabriel.

James Duff And tonight's episode marks the debut of writer Kendall Sherwood, who co-wrote with veteran Michael Alaimo. She started here as an Emmy Intern and we never let her go (except to finish graduate school).
James Duff I have friends staying with me this week and their daughter loves Det. Amy Skykes so much, that she wants to name her daughter Amy Sykes. When she has one (she's fifteen).

James Duff And I love Kearran so much, that maybe I would name my daughter for her. If I had one.

James Duff Ally S asks if there will be more Doctor Joe. Yes! Next week! But he'll be back doing his job, working with Special Operations Bureau, so you will see him in a very different light.

James Duff For those of you pushing for more Buzz, it's coming up next week!

James Duff Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. The end game is coming up. And the killer is about to be revealed.

James Duff Kearran liked him so much she was sorry she didn't have any scenes with him.

James Duff Amy Moore R asks to see if we will se Sharon's other children. Yes! We're meeting her son three weeks from tonight. Ryan Kennedy plays Richard William Raydor. And he, too, became instantly part of our show. Talented actors are a fantastic aspect of our jobs.

James Duff I know a lot of people don't understand the adoption process as it applies to people over eighteen. But Power of Attorney is no small deal.

James Duff And next week, look out! Laurie Holden, Lindsay Price, Brock Harris and Hampton Fluker join the LAPD as we hunt down the worst killer every.

James Duff @Ilona A asks what Kearran wishes for her character? K.G. says she wants to see her role become something like a female version of Julio Sanchez with a little bit of Provenza's humor.

James Duff Todd H asks when Kearran got the part, and how did she feel. She flew out to meet me and Michael Robin and we took her to lunch. She had the script in her purse, and thought we were going to audition her at the table! (We had already seen her film). We just wanted to make sure we all got along, since working together is like going down in a submarine for nine months. Anyway, we did not ask her to audition at lunch, we told her she had already been hired and we just wanted to make sure we were a fit.

James Duff Tonight's episode really brought up some emotional stuff for some of our cast. It's not always easy to identify victims.

James Duff Julie LR asks if Major Crimes is going to show off her music talents. She laughs and says that she shows her singing and dancing all the time and we don't film her.

James Duff We should do something showing her dancing skills. Amy amazes.

    James Duff Kearran would like her to amaze even more.

    James Duff I think action scenes are easier to write, harder to shoot, and more difficult to edit. Drama is tough.

    James Duff Trinity DKT asks which scenes are tougher for Kearran. The drama scenes or the action scenes. For Kearran, they are the drama scenes like last week with the weeping suspect. You recover from action scenes with an energy drink. Drama scenes are harder to come back from. And sometimes they go home with you!

    James Duff For those of you asking about how to watch Major Crimes off network, I know it can be done. Apple sells it, for instance. But for those looking for the free options, I'm sure they exist but I don't know what they are.

    James Duff One of the things Kearran likes about doing the show, she says, is a chance to play the "bad ass." Not very many women on television get to pull out a gun when they're in a tough situation.

    James Duff Todd H asks if Graham really plays chess. Hey, Todd! Thanks for showing up tonight. To be fair to everyone else, I should say Todd is a friend and we share a passion for Game of Thrones. Graham does have the basics on chess, but we have a special chess coach who comes in and teaches him and Bill the moves when they play on camera. Some of their games are pretty good!

    James Duff For those wondering why a girl found in the trash would be a Major Crime, it's not just that she's a young unidentified child, basically. It's also because she was found on city property. And all murders where the victims turn up on city property are Major Crimes.

    James Duff Elaine S thanks so much for the compliment on last week's episode. We love it when Bill Brochtrup and Malcom-Jamal come to guest.
    James Duff As we go to the end, Kearran and I will say good night and thank you for joining us here again for our weekly appointment. Next week, our biggest Major Crimes ever. See you then!

    James Duff And Kearran thanks you all for your questions! She'll be back!


    1. There is a portion Duff answering questions missing. Apparently Duff started answering questions on the post from earlier in the day where they announce that he will be taking questions.
      He later moved on to the 9pm posting.

      1. Thank you so much for letting me know. I went back and edited it, so it should be better now. I missed the first thread because I had to work late that night I didn't get to the chat right when it started. Thanks again for your comment!