Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Purses and Dictionary Wallets

We never tire of book inspired purses, and my favorites are homemade, but this little Betsy Johnson book clutch is super cute and would match everything....

This little wallet is made to look like a dictionary and so it this iPhone 5 case from Kate Spade. It also has a few slots for credit cards and a place for a drivers license. 


  1. I never tire of book purses, either. LOVE them. *sigh*

  2. And where can one find these delights?

    1. Hi Marilyn: The last one can be found at Kate Spade. The first is at Betsey Johnson. Not sure if they are still in stock.

  3. I have this dictionary wallet, but it's a burgundy color. Got it on sale too, just can't remember which catalog. It's adorable and I get compliments whenever I pull it out to pay for something.