Monday, August 25, 2014

Poirot and Curtain

The last episode of Poirot, called Curtain, airs tonight for the first time in the United States on Acorn TV (we'll get to Acorn is in a minute). There has been a lot of press on this final airing, and I've thought about writing this blog post for months. First I was going to write it when they aired Curtain in the UK. Then I was going to write it when they started the final series - 13 - here in the states. But I didn't. I kept saying to myself, you had better write that post. 

But I couldn't write it. 

Because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Poirot. 

No, that's not right. I read Curtain, and all of the stories that inspired Poirot Series 13 years ago. I know what happens. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to David Suchet's Poirot. 

When things get really rough in the real world, I cozy up on my couch with my two black cats and a cup of tea and I watch David Suchet's Poirot. 

And I've done this for as long as this show has been on. When there isn't a new episode, I just watch an old one. I keep them stacked up on my DVR and PBS has been very gracious in making this easy to do.

It won't be the same once I watch Curtain

So by stalling this blog post until now has put this off as long as possible. But I can stall no more.

 I will miss Suchet's Poirot - his little grey cells, the way he can solve a crime but never prevent one, his friendship with Japp (Philip Jackson), and Hastings (Hugh Fraser) and Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran). And even his Irene Adler, Vera Rossakoff. He is, and always will be, one of my favorite characters ever. 

But just as in real life when we lose a friend, I am just not ready. 

I promised earlier to tell you about Acorn TV. This is an broadband service that streams the episodes to a device - computer, iPad, Kindle, Apple TV, etc. Despite airing Poirot for more than 25 years, PBS is not airing the final three episodes of Poirot and so you must go to Acorn to see them. I can tell you that I miss the opening to Masterpiece Mystery on the Acorn episodes I've watched so far - not only the introduction from Diana Rigg, but also the fabulous music that we've come to know and love. I think it also cuts off many long term Poirot fans from being able to watch. It makes my heart hurt. Almost as much as losing, Poirot.

But I am glad that the cast, writers and crew of Poirot finished the job. Even if PBS Masterpiece Mystery couldn't.

But most of all, thank you David Suchet, for your brilliant portrayal of this iconic character for more than a quarter of a century. Well done. 

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  1. Extremely well said. I too will miss David Suchet's portrayal of Poirot. Whenever I have an old episode on, my husband walks by and says under his breath "Good Lord." His little impersonation of Hastings. I'll miss them all.