Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Startling Project

How did we miss this? 

Last November, Jeffery Deaver release an audio drama (there's no book counterpart) of an original work starring Alfred Molina. It's different than the usual audio book because there are more than 80 speaking parts and the play isn't read, it's acted. 

Cast members in addition to Molina include:

  • Lisa Stathoplos as "Sonya Tadic" 
  • David J. Curtis as "Devon Carter" 
  • Aaron Abano as "Mustafa Haddad" 
  • Ian Carlsen as "Kyle Nelson"
Here's a description of the story:
An aborted raid targeting a major arms dealer. A hostage standoff at a bank that may not be what it seems. A plot to spring a former African dictator from prison. What is the threat that connects them all? And just who is the mysterious mastermind, The Starling? From Mexico to Washington - from London to Marseille to Prague - war crimes investigator Harold Middleton and his team of Volunteers risk their lives to follow the trail of clues. But how can they stop The Starling - when he always seems one step ahead?

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