Thursday, March 19, 2015

Crafty Thursdays: Bookish Pillows

Kerry Hammond is back with another wonderful craft. Now she's making pocket pillows with all sorts of wonderful bookish fabric. It's of medium difficulty so we're going to give it three Sherlocks in our difficulty scale...

Today’s craft is somewhere in the middle of the difficulty range. If you know how to operate a sewing machine, it’s one of the simplest things you can make. I made this pocket pillow cover in less than 20 minutes, including measuring and cutting the fabric. You can use any material, but I suggest a pattern front and solid back.

Materials & Tools:
Sewing Machine
Pillow Form

Step One: Cutting your Fabric
The size of the fabric you need depends on the size of your pillow form. The pillow shown is 16 x 16 inches. So I cut my top fabric (the book print) 17 x 17 inches to allow for a seam. The back fabric (solid) is cut into two pieces, to make the envelope overlap. I cut mine each 17 x 12 inches.

Step Two: Iron back Panels 
For each back panel, fold over ¼ inch one of the long edges (the 17 inch wide one) and iron in place. Then fold over another ¼ inch and iron again. Pin this in place. Repeat with other back panel.

Step Three: Sew Each Back Panel
Sew each of the areas you folded over and ironed. Stitch right down the center of your pinned area.

Step Four: Sew Back to Front
Place your front panel face up on your table. Place one back panel face down (right side to right side) lining up the unfinished edges on top, with your sewn side in the middle. Place second back panel over the first, also right side down, lining up the unfinished edges on the bottom, with the sewn side in the middle. The sewn edges of the back panels should overlap. Pin in place. Sew around the entire outer square using ½ inch seam.

Step Five: Turn and Stuff
Turn pillowcase right side out and stuff your pillow form inside. 

You can make any size pillow, you just have to adjust your measurements to fit the pillow you’re using. Here it is in Poe fabric...


  1. Great, love them. So crafty and great material.

    1. The material is fabulous! The book print is my favorite.