Monday, March 16, 2015

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads The Gods of Guilt

Crime & Beyond met this month to discuss Michael Connelly’s latest Lincoln Lawyer installment (book #5 in the series), The Gods of Guilt. Our club has read every book in this series and it’s one of our favorites. We’re big Mickey Haller fans and Michael Connelly never fails to provide us with entertainment and a few twists and turns.

Mickey Haller takes on a new client, Andre La Cosse, in The Gods of Guilt. Andre is a digital pimp of sorts, who manages the online presence as well as sets up appointments for prostitutes. He is charged with murdering one of his clients, and when Mickey realizes who has been killed it’s a blast from the past. Gloria Dayton, who Mickey knew a lifetime ago as Glory Days, has been murdered and she told Mickey’s new client that he was to contact Mickey if he ever got into trouble.

Mickey not only takes the case, but begins his own investigation into Glory’s most recent past. He feels that he needs to figure out why she didn’t stay in Hawaii and instead returned to Los Angeles. He has the help of his usual team of investigators and office staff, Lorna (his ex-wife), Cisco (his investigator and Lorna’s new husband), Bullocks (a smart and determined young lawyer) and Earl (his driver). Los Angeles is teaming with lawyers driving Lincoln Town Cars ever since the making of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer, but Mickey is the original.

The members of the club rated the book very high and we agreed that we always love the books Michael Connelly writes. We even did a quick “favorite character” vote. Legal Siegel got the most votes, but Cisco was a close second, followed by Bullocks, because we like where her name came from and how determined she is. We can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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