Friday, April 17, 2015

Kevin Egan's The Missing Piece and the Perfect Drink

Kevin Egan’s new legal thriller, The Missing Piece, makes it's debut this week and returns to the same New York County Courthouse depicted in Midnight, a Kirkus Best Book of 2013. Let's see which drink to pair with The Missing Piece...

In its most obvious sense, The Missing Piece refers to a fabulous hoard of ancient Roman silver with a murky provenance. The treasure’s owner, the Earl of Leinster, planned to auction it for many millions of dollars before three nations asserted rights of patrimony and hauled him into court. The ill-fated first trial ended with a courtroom invasion, the shooting of a court officer, and the theft of one treasure piece. 

Three years later, the parties re-assemble for the re-trial. The judge, Linda Conover, is secretly pregnant but determined to handle the trial before moving on to the next phase of her life. The paralyzed Gary Martin, convinced that the missing piece never left the courthouse, directs fellow officer Mike McQueen on a literal treasure hunt through the iconic building. Meanwhile, the gunmen are circling with an even more daring plan to disrupt the trial.

And now for Kevin’s drink:  
“Since The Missing Piece is set in the month of October, the temptation is to suggest a warm drink with an apple cider base. But the book comes out in the spring, with summer not far away, so readers might rather reach for lighter and more refreshing fare. In Chapter 16, Linda Conover, who should not be drinking at all, fixes herself a wine spritzer as follows:
Pinot grigio

“Being a responsible person, her ratio is approximately one ounce of wine to seven ounces of seltzer. You can use a different ratio. Or a different white wine. You can add ice. Or not. Garnish with lemon, lime, or both. But whatever you do, stay away from flavored seltzer.”

You can read all about the setting for Kevin's first book here and you can see which drink he paired with MIDNIGHT here

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