Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crafty Thursdays: Blood Splatter Table Runner

Kerry Hammond is making fabulous blood splatter table runners. But you can use any fabric you like...

This table runner takes 10 minutes to make. If you have a rudimentary knowledge of sewing, you can create this project quickly and easily. You can make it out of any fabric and even make seasonal ones to display for holidays. I made mine out of blood spatter fabric, so it’s really an all season piece.

Sewing Machine

Step One: Cut your Fabric
The size of the table runner is really up to you. The blood spatter one I made in the photo is wider because I plan to use it on my kitchen island for either platters of food, or as a place to put plates and silverware for a party. For the traditional table runner, you need ½ yard of the back fabric and 1/3 yard of the front fabric (the finished brown runner in the photo is this one). 

Step Two: Sew back to Front
With good sides of each fabric facing each other, pin the long edge of one side and sew a ½ inch straight stitch. Repeat to other side and then turn right side out.

Step Three: Iron
Iron your table runner flat. Your back fabric will show as a border next to the front fabric on each side, so try and make it even before you iron it down.

Step Four: Sew Sides
Keeping your runner right side out, fold in half the long way, with the front fabric on the outside. Stitch a ½ inch straight stitch down each of the shorter sides. 

Step Five: Turn Edges
Unfold the runner and turn the edges you just sewed so that the back material shows up at the ends in the triangle shape shown.

For an optional finishing touch, I ironed under a ¼ inch at the edge of my short end before sewing step four, so that when I turned the triangle around, the seams that are underneath the edge were a little more finished.