Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Secrets from Beneath the Library Stacks

Tomorrow is World Librarian Day, so I asked some librarians who are friends of mine to reveal their deepest darkest library secrets. Here is what they told me:

Cari Dubiel, Librarian and co-host of the ABC Book Reviews Podcast

"The main thing I want people to know is that we have digital collections!  If you are an e-book reader, you don't have to buy all your books. Library collections have gotten much better in the past few years now that the publishers are willing to sell e-books to us. Also, the reading apps have gotten much better. Your librarian or library staff can help you learn how to download them. My library (Twinsburg) has e-books, audiobooks, music, movies, and television series all available through different services."

Amanda Flower, Librarian and Mystery and Children's Book Author

"Librarians like to be asked questions! If we didn't, we wouldn't be librarians. So don't ever be afraid to approach a librarian.
"Librarians want your book suggestions. The goal is to have materials circulate, so we want to buy things you want to read. Don't be shy sharing the names of your favorite authors. Every library loves a guaranteed circulation statistic. ;)
"Come in and stay awhile. Even if you never check anything out from a library and would just like to use it as a quiet place to work, study, and read, you are welcome. Libraries are places and are open to the public for you to use, take advantage of this wonderful service.

"Librarians love libraries... really. I have spent most of my life in a library. The wonder of all the beautiful books still amazes me as much as it did when I was a young child. Being an author is pretty awesome, but being a librarian is magic."

Pat Hernas, Librarian and Founding Member of the Mystery Playground Crafty Thursday Team
"Libraries are great spaces.  Reading nooks, self browsing, displays of local art or new materials, computers to cruise the web, and more.  But when the patrons are gone the librarians and staff often ruminate on the events of the day.  One of my favorite librarian type blogs to read is the Swiss Army Librarian.  The author is a public librarian with a lovely sense of wit and finds the interesting in all his interactions with the public.  Here is a great example sharing is Reference Question of the Week (If you're a Red Sox fan it will even be more interesting!)

Swiss Army Librarian is a blog by Brian Herzog mostly about library and technology issues relating to public libraries

"But we librarians often get a chuckle (or thrill) when our library users forget to remove their bookmarks.  Back comes the book down the book return shoot and we find: tickets, photos, leaves (leaves?!), Bible verse, paper towel (unused, phew!), shopping list, receipt, and many other things.  But what we hope to find and never do:  bills (any denomination, please), tickets for future events, and the winning lottery ticket.   
"So make your librarian's day and leave a thank you note in a book...or a dollar bill..."


  1. I love that last part about the bookmarks. Very fun. I need to think of something good to leave them.