Monday, May 18, 2015

Catriona McPherson & Cancel Tomorrow Pudding

Catriona McPherson joins us today to share a dessert recipe which she calls Pudding to help celebrate the release of her new book, Come to Harm. You can also check out her choice for the perfect recipe for her book.

I was delighted to be a guest at Mystery Playground on Friday, sharing the recipe for Craig McKendrick’s Pink Squirrel and matching it to my new book, Come to Harm, but I might have left readers with the idea that my heroine, Keiko Nishisato, is some kind of lightweight. Full story: as well as the wine and cocktails, that fateful party also included this easy but very boozy pudding. 

NB what Scots call pudding is what US speakers call dessert. I learned the difference early in the summer of 2010, when my husband turned to a dinner party hostess who had made a delectable key lime pie and said "nice pudding". If looks could kill I'd be widow now.

Cancel Tomorrow Pudding
One packet of chocolate chip cookies
One can of squirty cream
One packet of chocolate buttons or chocolate chips
One bottle of sweet sherry
(serves 4)

Set out four small plates and one big one. Fill the big plate with sherry. Soak four cookies in sherry and place one on each small plate. Cover each with a squirt of cream. Soak four more. Build towers of cookie/cream layers until the packet of cookies is finished. Finish off with last of the cream. Stud the towers with chocolate buttons. Drink any leftover sherry. Cancel tomorrow.

Here's Keiko Nishisato, waking up after the party when her BFF Fancy Clarke made the pudding and shared the leftover sherry:

'How much of that had happened?  The line between the end of the day and the start of the short hot night was blurry.  The rabbit carcasses, the snarling dog face in the kitchen were only dreams for sure.  She hadn’t rolled and rolled naked on the livingroom floor with Malcolm, mashed against the hairy flab of his chest, while Fancy and Craig watched and laughed and Mrs Poole jabbed her with her mop, but had Murray really been there and what had she said to make him slam out again?  She swung her legs to the floor and stood, trailed into the livingroom and lifted the phone. 
‘Fancy?’ she croaked.  ‘Are you feeling all right?’  
‘Jeezy-peeps,’ Fancy cackled.  ‘Maybe compared to you!'

Being a true friend, though, Fancy makes it up to Keiko with a breakfast of a hot fried sausage and egg sandwich. This cures the hangover, but answers none of the questions.

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