Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lighted Wine Bottle

Kerry Hammond has been making lights out of wine bottles and she had to share. Isn't the final product beautiful? 

This craft is a bit high on the difficulty scale due to the drilling, but once that part is done it’s a breeze. It makes a great year round decoration, or you can make seasonal ones. I also have a Christmas one that I decorated with holly and a pine cone. They make great hostess gifts for the holidays.

Drill with ½” Diamond Drill Bit
Empty Wine Bottle
String of 35 lights (white is best for colored bottles, colored works for clear bottles)
Thin Wire
Glue Gun
Bottle Decorations

Step One: Drill Hole
You want to drill your hole on the back of the bottle near the bottom. You can either clamp the bottle or, like I did, kneel on the floor and wedge it between your knees and then you’re in a great position to use your weight to lean the drill on the bottle. It takes awhile to go through and you want to take your time so you don’t crack the bottle (maybe have a spare ready in case).

Step Two: Insert lights
Push the light string through the hole, it will be a bit snug but you want it that way so they stay inside. I used a chopstick to push them up into the tip as I went.

Step 3: Decorate the Bottle
Push a cork in the top of the bottle. The wire is optional, but I wrapped a piece of it around the neck of my bottle because I was able to wrap the end of the artificial leaves around it for extra grab. Then I hot glued my other decorations to each other and the bottle neck. I used fake grapes and another cork, but this is where you can get creative and make it your own. As stated above, these are great for Christmas decorations and you can put cute Christmas things around the neck.

Plug in your bottle and admire your handiwork.

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