Monday, June 8, 2015

Major Crimes Returns Tonight

Major Crimes
 returns tonight at 9pm on TNT. When we last left Captain Sharon Raydor and the squad, Phillip Stroh had just escaped and Raydor and Lt. Andy Flynn had just realized all that time they've been spending together could have romantic undertones. I love this show for the wonderful character development between Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and her squad, between my favorite detective duo Flynn & Provenza, and the rest of the squad. 

If you haven't watched the show before there are so many reasons to start. Don't just take my word for it. I asked a few other fans on a Facebook fan group why they love the show and this is what they said:
DeQuana E: "I look forward to the exploration of the courage theme for all of the characters, I really want to see Sharon find love again, I hope it's with Andy l, but I will understand if the creators choose to go with someone else! I look forward to Rusty enjoying college and figuring out who is and what he wants from life!"
Sally M: "I like crime shows, and I like this one in particular, because it has such great character development and focuses on important themes--justice, courage, etc. I also like that there are not high-tech, unrealistic gimmicks, but rather good ole' deductive reasoning. I think it's a realistic show, and shows the compassion of many in law enforcement."
Stephanie W:  "I watch Major Crimes , because I love how different it is from the closer and at the same time ,it totally works together. I enjoy it to see how they create all the personal background stories of the whole team . In the closer it was most about Brenda and now, everyone is in it. And that's what I totally love."
Ashley B: "It is more than just another crime drama. It takes the time to develop characters. Also, the way it handles complex issues alcoholism, sexual orientation, older child foster care/adoption. Oh and because of Mary McDonnell of course!"
Rose T:  "I started by watching The Closer...Loved the characters and continued with Major Crimes..who could not love this show,and want to see what Provenza is up too on a weekly basis."

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