Monday, July 6, 2015

#MajorCrimes Facebook Chat Recap with Rusty, Buzz, Sykes and the show's Co-Creator

This week on the Major Crimes Facebook chat we not only had James Duff and Graham Patrick Martin (Rusty), but also Phillip Keene (Buzz), Bill Brochtrup (Dr. Joe) and Kearran Giovanni (Lt. Amy Sykes).

I've recapped the Facebook chat responses below. James handles all of the answers and he does an excellent job of recapping the questions so in the interest of space, I just include his answers. Any spoilers for tonight's episode have been removed. 

Before we get started, here's the latest installment of Rusty's vlog about searching for the real name for the murder victim who goes by the pseudonym of Alice Herera. 

James Duff Jaime V asks if she will find out who is supplying Rusty with his info on Alice's cell phone. Yes! In the next fifteen minutes.

James Duff Renee N W asks if I had always intended for Sharon to adopt Rusty, or if it was something I just thought of in season three.

James Duff Bill counts playing scenes with Graham is like playing tennis with someone who knows how to hit the ball back to you.


James Duff Michael Robin, my partner in crime, just walked in and congratulated us all on this week's episode saying, "Thank you for not screwing it up this time!"

James Duff Olga Lynette Henderson Hanson is watching our show while recovering from her second cancer surgery in a couple of months. We are pulling for you, Olga, and sending our love and our hopes your way. Please, everyone, send a little love to Olga!

James Duff Some of the situations, though, are the same situations that police officers face. A lot of time, believe it or not, we write a murder and then we read about it.

James Duff I love Rusty asking Dr. Joe if he knows, as a psychologist, when he's asking a really personal question.

James Duff Jaime V asks if she will find out who is supplying Rusty with his info on Alice's cell phone. Yes! In the next fifteen minutes.

James Duff Rusty's next subject for Identity is more problematic.

James Duff @Linda K says she loves Rusty's vlog, Identity, which is all over this Facebook page, and hopes he'll be doing it all season. He will!

James Duff Jen W asks if we will have more of Buzz, Flynn and Provenza. Which people have started calling Buzzflynnza!

James Duff Ilona Arcari ASKS Bill Brochtrup what he loves best about playing his character. Bill says that not only is Dr. Joe strategic and savvy in the way he deals with his patients, he also really cares.

James Duff Graham says he thinks this is one of his favorite episodes.

James Duff Phillip P. Keene says he wants to thank you all for the kind words about last week's episode, and asks that you continue to push the writers for more Buzz!

James Duff Kearran was worried that Amy's withholding info from Provenza would cause problems for her.

James Duff Todd H asks if Phillip really knows Spanish, since he speaks it so often on the show. He also speaks it pretty often in real life. He lived in Central America as a three-year-old and as a fifteen-year-old, and half his family is from Mexico.

James Duff If Rusty's dog was named Trusty, the spinoff could be Rusty & Trusty. (Editor Note: We love you James, but this might need a little more brainstorming time).

James Duff Graham is now asking for a dog...

James Duff Bill counts playing scenes with Graham is like playing tennis with someone who knows how to hit the ball back to you. Bill wants to add, be aware of dogs, children and Graham Patrick Martin! Also, he realizes, it's hard to do a scene with a young kid. Actors will tell you to be aware of dogs and children.

James Duff Last year, we had a Santa rob a bank inside a mob of Santa's and then that happened at a bank in San Francisco during a St. Nick convention.

James Duff Kearran says her favorite part of this episode was acting with the little girl. So she obviously has another idea.

James Duff Angus Scott asks if we ever base our crimes on reality. Occasionally, actually, there are real elements to these mysteries.

James Duff Kearran and Raymond and Michael Paul Chan do a lot of action scenes this season!

James Duff Kearran Giovanni says her favorite things about working with G.W. is how much he makes everybody laugh.

James Duff The truth is, I didn't always know for sure that's where we were going to end up. Because I wanted to be more truthful about the plight of foster children. But the relationship became so close, it seemed mean-spirited not to make them family.

James Duff Cornel M asks if Rusty's vlog is going to continue. Absolutely. He has another story for the winter episodes.

James Duff Someone pointed out that this is the second time we have cross-cut between a mystery and a therapy session. We like to do this once a year, and we use these episodes, also, to remind people that getting over the life Rusty lived for so long is no easy thing, and to reintroduce Dr. Joe.

James Duff We look forward to seeing you here with us next week, too. Thank you so much for continuing to make us part of your busy summers.

James Duff Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) returns for two episodes.

James Duff And that next week is our annual big action episode.

James Duff So good-bye from Phillip - who reminds you to push us to write more for him - Bill - who is so happy that so many of you remember his previous episodes - Graham - who reminds you all to catch up with his vlog - and Kearran, who is still shocked to find herself on a television show in Hollywood and not the musical stage in New York.

James Duff And now, per usual, we will leave you to enjoy the last of the episode on your own, and to find out if Flynn is going to ask out Sharon.

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