Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adult Coloring Pages of Mystery

Thanks to the success of adult coloring books, 2015 is officially the summer of adult coloring to relieve stress. It seems like everyone is coloring.  So today on Crafty Thursdays were going to offer you two ways to do this craft. We'll tell you how to make your own coloring pages, or you can just use the ones we've made and relieve your own stress by printing and coloring ours. Ready to color? Get out those smelly markers...

Isn't this drawing fabulous, my friend Pat made it. 

Drawing by Patricia Hernas

Turn Your Photo into a Coloring Page:


  • A photo
  • A computer
  • $1.49 and the ability to get to the Really Color website 
Step One: Pick your photo - you can use any photos. We used Mystery-themed photos, but the one of my nephews at Disneyland with Captain Hook made a super fun summer surprise. 

Step Two: Go to the Really Color Website and upload it. Make sure you like the result. You can pick different scans. 

Step Three: Pay $1.49. Expensive for one coloring sheet, but not for a customized one or a fun gift. 

And Your Done! 

Draw Your Own Coloring Page:

Drawing by Pat Hernas

If you have drawing talent (I do not but my friend Pat does! Thank you for making these for us.) you can make your own coloring page. We don't have to tell you how to do it.

Color Our Pages:

If you just want to color, go ahead and print out any of our pages - above or below. 

Here's another one from Pat:

Drawing by Pat Hernas

Have fun and we'll see you next week.

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