Friday, August 28, 2015

Drinks with Reads: The Girl in the Glass

James Hayman joins us today to match the perfect drink with his new thriller, The Girl in the Glass. This book is just out this week from Harper Collins. 

The Girl in the Glass, the 4th McCabe/Savage thriller, tells the story of two women from the same immensely wealthy Maine family–a great great-grandmother and her great great-granddaughter–who are not only physically identical but who are murdered in exactly the same way 108 years apart…in 1904 and 2012.  Both victims have been stabbed in the same place on their bodies with same kind of knife. Both have had the letter “A” carved into their chests.

Michael McCabe is the lead detective charged with solving the second murder and figuring out how and why any killer would want to duplicate down to the smallest details a murder committed more than a century earlier.  McCabe is helped in his efforts not only by his partner Maggie Savage but also by large quantities of his favorite beverage, twelve and when he can afford it, eighteen-year-old Macallan single malt Scotch whiskey.  

He drinks it neat (that means without ice or mixer for you non-Scotch drinkers) in a large cut crystal glass.  Is it the smoothness of the Macallan that helps McCabe solve the crime?  Or is it the large quantities of alcohol imbibed?  In McCabe’s case I believe both deserve credit.

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