Thursday, August 13, 2015

Clue Jewelry - Part Two: Necklaces #DIY

Last week we showed you how to make earrings out of old Clue game weapons pieces and beads. This week we're making necklaces. And if you scroll down at the end, you can comment to win the necklace shown above. 

Here's what you'll need (depending on which necklace you want to make. You can stick with the Miss Scarlett with the Rope in the Billard Room, or you can move onto the next round with Mrs. Peacock, with the Candlestick in the Library.) For our example, let's use Mrs. Peacock:

  • One Peacock bead (I found mine on Etsy).
  • A Book Charm ( I made mine out of little dollhouse books. You can learn how to make the charm here (and also little book earrings)
  • The Clue weapon of your choice. (This technique will work with the Candlestick, the Knife and the Wrench. Check out last week's post for the Rope. I'll show you how to use the Revolver down a little farther. I couldn't figure out how to use the pipe, but if you figure it out, let me know.)
  • Chain necklace length plus about five inches for the dangles
  • An eye pin that matches your chain
  • Wire that matches your chain
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers

Step One: Cut a four-inch piece of wire. If you are good with wire wrapping, you can get away with less but I like to make sure I have enough. Wrap the wire around the candlestick, right below where the fake mini candle would go. Twist one bit of the wire close to the candlestick around the other bit close to the candlestick. You are making a harness of sorts, to keep the candlestick secure. Wrap it around at least three times, staying close to the candlestick, so it's not a focus of the necklace. 

Step Two:
Once that is secure, you want to make a loop to hook into your chain. Run it through the bottom of your chain. Measure where you want it to hang and cut the chain. I chose 5 links (see photo below in Step 4).

Step Three:
Cut your chain for the necklace length that you desire - it should be long enough to drape over your head, because we're skipping the clasp portion of this necklace. Take your eye pin (that's the long one with the loop at the bottom) and thread your peacock bead through it. Make a loop at the top and leave it a little open for now.

Step Four:
Take the loop on your book charm, open it and attached to the chain. I made this chain shorter than the Candlestick chain so it hangs well. 

Step 5:
Open the eye below the peacock bead and thread the top of the two chains through. I put the Candlestick on first so it would hang behind the book charm. Close the eye. 

Step 6:
Take your open loop above the peacock bead and thread both sides of your necklace chain through the holes. Close the loop. 

And you're done with Mrs. Peacock and the Library. You can also make it Mrs. Peacock and the wrench or the knife if you prefer, using the same proceedure as the candlestick. 

Here are the earrings we made with Mrs. Peacock, the Rope in the Billard Room. To make these we used wire in the Billard Ball and put it directly below the Peacock bead. To see how to get the Rope and attach the earring hooks, check last week's post. 

Last but not least, here's Miss Scarlett with the Revolver in the Billard Room. We used and o-ring to attach the revolver, as you see and eye pin for the lipstick and wire for the Billard Ball. 


  1. This unique necklace makes a statement, fashion and more. Creative and smart. Thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Amazing and a real treasure. Love this type of art. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. Very creative and nice looking! Love the rope on the earrings...just the right touch. I've saved the mystery Christmas tree ornament tutorials and will be making them closer to the holidays. Any other ornaments from you on the horizon?
    Sandy in So. Cali sxygrndma49{at}yahoo{dot}com

  4. Mrs. Peacock is clever. Great concept/project.

  5. So very clever. I just love these.

  6. Our winner is keepmelaffin. Look for an e-mail soon.